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    505 nm laser diode

    You can get the neutral case 505nm laser (Sharp GH05035A2G) from Dongguan blue universe (Chinese company on Alibaba). It's just $6 each.
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    Tiny green laser ~800mW

    I though you need to use my $5 thermal paste xD
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    Tiny green laser ~800mW

    That's very powerful in the very small host!
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    Sharp SB147EF91 505nm laser diode.

    I though this model might be the laser version. However, I can perform the wavelength measuring using the blank CD-rom as Diffraction grating.
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    How to clean my laser diode

    decan is the best method I though. but I will be risk because the dusk can get touch the laser diode chip. I've done some window cracking and 1 of laser survived (My 515nm T-DRAGON build).
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    Sharp SB147EF91 505nm laser diode.

    Hello everyone. I just got my 2nd laser diode from bu-laser company. this is the 505nm laser diode. I tested and it has the neutral case. So I can confirm that laser is GH05035A2G. I compare the host of the fat beam laser with my 505nm inside. I actually use the host and driver of 405nm fat...
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    Laser company in Dongguan,China

    UPDATE. The 2nd laser arrived. Tested. It's neutral case 505nm laser
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    Laser Pointers, Liquid Crystals and Pilots.

    It will very useful to add another protection layer to the laser goggles.
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    Any company sell UV lasers?

    or his friend mean 405nm ? I saw mostly on ebay advertised as "UV Purple laser".
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    Any company sell UV lasers?

    Thanks for guiding me.
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    Any company sell UV lasers?

    I really want to try with my Sharp 515nm. Unfortunately I can't find the source for LN2.
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    Any company sell UV lasers?

    I known that if laser diode cool down below the 0 degree celsius will shift down the wavelenght. Styropyro and Brainiac had done something like this. Styropyro dip the red laser into the container filled with LN2. Brainiac put the cheap laser pen pointer (405,532 and 650)in fridge (4 degree...
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    600mw 520nm Sanwu Pocket.

    hard work on laser and works ! cool laser. I though you need the thermal paste for head dissipating from the laser.
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    laser and PCB

    Why Using laser pointer ? Laser pointer is for pointing. The name is telling you. Or you mean laser to etch the PCB like CO2 laser ?