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    FS >500mW 532nm analog labby SOLD

    Re: FS >500mW 532nm analog labby Here are the specs:
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    FS >500mW 532nm analog labby SOLD

    Re: FS >500mW 532nm analog labby Still for sale at $350 obo
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    FS >500mW 532nm analog labby SOLD

    Hey guys, I'm more or less taking a break from this hobby and have been evaluating how much i need the lasers in my collection. I'm looking for money to put into a new quadcopter. Up for sale is a DHOM >500mW rated green analog labby. I hate to see this beauty go but i haven't been able to...
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    New argon, need help

    These are great little argons. I have one that was not used for an extended period of time. After a long night of intensive argon care, it lased and is now the more reliable of the two.
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    Glass or Acrylic Host?

    I made this out of acrylic and wood a while back. The laser lights up the whole host while it's on.
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    An exotic pictures collection request.

    sorry for the crappy pictures HeNes with their similarly colored diode/dpss counterparts (the red HeNe had to sit out due to catastrophic PSU wire malfunction) 589nm and 473nm 488nm 594nm and 488nm ML argon, 543.5nm, 594nm, 650nm lastly 9 lines of ML argon
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    1.5mW 488nm Argon laser

    no need, get a ~20mW argon and run it at idle. mine idles at about 1mW.
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    It lives! (SSY-1 repair)

    Cyparagon -Based on how one side of the dot is faded, you adjust that axis. 532 with Envy / AUS - The 3d printer and laser cutter are at my high school. The laser is a VLS 3.60 50W from Universal Laser Systems The printer is a bst1200 from dimension.
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    It lives! (SSY-1 repair)

    I've had this laser for a long time (~2 years). However a few months after I got it, it took a ~3-4 foot drop straight on to it's OC. The laser was completely misaligned and I had put off repairing it until recently. SSY-1s are notoriously difficult to realign because instead of an adjustable...
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    DIY Green He/Ne Build. Mellow Yellow DPSS Hybrid

    I did this a while back with a little HeNe and my ML argon
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    ebay "super overspecs" XD

    Maybe you should read the thread as it has already been posted...
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    Amazon pointer 3 pack (red green and violet)

    Thanks Jeff! It will be interesting to see if these are consistently overspec.
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    Looking for someone to laser cut a logo

    Hey, Are these what you were looking for? I have plenty more acrylic if they aren't what you wanted.
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    Amazon pointer 3 pack (red green and violet)

    My chemistry teacher ordered a 3 pack of lasers off amazon. Amazon.com: QQ-Tech® Green Red Blue / Violet / Purple Beam Laser Pointer Combo 3 Laser Light Pens 5mw 532nm 650nm 405nm Triple Colors Astronomy Powerful: Electronics They seemed a bit bright so I offered to bring them home and meter...
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    Looking for someone to laser cut a logo

    I can probably help you out. The VLS has no problem cutting acrylic and i have plenty of acrylic just lying around. What thickness of acrylic do you need? Edit: If it's .125" acrylic, I can probably engrave for the cost of shipping.