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  1. TheGreaterWatt

    JULY 6th - Some Laser Pics

    Wow, these are absolutely incredible! I'm always blown away by the the beauty of the pictures you post. I really likes #13 and #21. They have a very outrun or retrowave feel to them. Thank you for sharing these!
  2. TheGreaterWatt

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    This is a weird piece of old Russian optical equipment. Looks like a huge KTP crystal. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323760551397
  3. TheGreaterWatt

    SOLD: Multiline Orange HeNe

    I'm the one who bought this beauty and yeah it does have the 609nm line. It's faint and it goes in and out, but it's there.
  4. TheGreaterWatt

    Wicked Lasers E2 from Laser Chick

    Hey guys, After winning last month's forum donation contest hosted by Laser Chick, I thought it was only fair to do an unboxing thread as a thank you to Laser Chick for hosting the contest. Alright let's get into it! :drool: This is how it arrived: Bubble-wrapped and tightly packed...
  5. TheGreaterWatt

    Win a laser in the Forum Donations Fundraiser Contest

    I won a thing? :wtf: Wow!!! This is super exciting! Thanks, Laser Chick for putting this whole thing on! :thanks: I would very much like the 532nm with the highest output, and I will send you a PM with my details!
  6. TheGreaterWatt

    Win a laser in the Forum Donations Fundraiser Contest

    I donated $25 and then forgot to post in this thread. :P
  7. TheGreaterWatt

    SuperBoost Drive (5.5+ amp boost driver)

    Just shoot me a PM if you do end up needing them. They will be here :beer:
  8. TheGreaterWatt

    SuperBoost Drive (5.5+ amp boost driver)

    Re: SuperBoost Drive Hey, LeQuack I could send you some 26700's if you need them. I mistakenly bought them a while ago and I still haven't found a use for them, so they might as well go to a good cause.
  9. TheGreaterWatt

    SuperBoost Drive (5.5+ amp boost driver)

    Re: I need to gauge interest. Please comment. I am certainly interested in a few of these. I have been looking for a driver that can handle this current and got on a small package.
  10. TheGreaterWatt

    Mystery Wavelength in PMS/REO Particle Counter Tube

    Thanks bloom! I have been on the hunt for a 3 mirror particle counter tube for a while. And when I find one for a decent price I will be sure to snag it
  11. TheGreaterWatt

    CNI vs. DL, a tough decision for 589nm.

    For the record I purchased a DL Spartan 589nm fully expecting it to be crap. It was worth the risk for me to gamble on something that "could" be 100mW but like I said it was a gamble. Fortunately I lucked out. I ended up with a great laser that has worked without problems and peaks over 120mW...
  12. TheGreaterWatt

    Disection and Repair of wicked lasers krypton S3 need help

    Well I would suggest trying to align the crystal again to see if you can get any green. If not than most likely the diode is to blame. However, (because it is hard to tell in the pictures) it is possible that the two crystals in the block that are usually glued together have come apart. The...
  13. TheGreaterWatt

    making fabulous laser beam?

    In theory you could use a linear track and scan that way. You could compensate the brightness by increasing the laser power. Also the color blending might be better if you take speed up to 40 kHz
  14. TheGreaterWatt

    making fabulous laser beam?

    I think you would get better results using a scanner, or a projector. It would look like a full rainbow but would be far easier.
  15. TheGreaterWatt

    Calibrating my Scientech LPM

    I think the manual I PM'ed you had a section on recalibration, if I recall it sounded like a lot of work on really tiny things but it is possible to do at home. However I understand the need to seek more qualified hands. That is why I am not offering to do it, as I will more than likely break...