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    Baron's Garage Sale

    How much for the Black Hero 3 what all do you have with it and any pics? thanks
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    Win a WL Spyder Arctic 1W!

    Just liked it! Good luck! Justin Poynter
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    All my lasers for sale....many good deals.

    Sent a Pm on the Arctic laser Thanks
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    WTB WL Expanded Lens Kits etc

    There's a light saber on eBay now from wicked lasers http://m.ebay.com/search?cad=1&so=12&isNewKw=true&cmd=SREF&call=1&acimp=0&kw=wicked+laser&mfs=GOCLK
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    FS: Stainless Steel 10440 Kit! - Awesome!

    JayRob I'm kinda new on here I really like this host Im looking for my first blue Laser what all is involved in this build how much would it cost to finish Thanks Justin