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    Deanodized C6

    I still urge you to try this your self! If a thirteen year old such as my self you can!
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    Deanodized C6

    I'd rather not re-anodize, because I fully accept the results of my experiment! Later on down the road I may re-visit the project and revise it, but until then I am hay with the results. :)
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    Deanodized C6

    These are some of the reasons why I decided not to polish the aluminum! This host shouldn't receive much ware, as this is one of my "novelty" hosts. I urge you to do this for your self and post how you solved these problems yourself!
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    Atmel plcc flash chip AT49F040! HELP!

    Oh of course not! I would cut out the top portion and rewire where the old chip once was!
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    Atmel plcc flash chip AT49F040! HELP!

    Does anyone know a chip of the same equivalent of the Atmel plcc flash AT49F040 in 32 DIP format, preferably 8MB or more? If anyone would like to know, I would be using this for a gameboy cartridge mod. Instead of using a hard to handle/extract PLCC chip I'd like to use a 32 pin DIP ZIF socket!
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    Band of skulls concert?

    Has any one been to a "Band of skulls" concert? If so, do you know an appropriate age for a person to go? Also tell your experience with concerts! I'd like to hear!
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    black plastic host good for labby

    But depending on what diode you use they will melt. It all depends on what application they'll be used for.
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    black plastic host good for labby

    This is true! You can see my C6 (http://laserpointerforums.com/f72/deanodized-c6-88422.html) It is not an easy task to de-anodize a host. Especially with the deep knurling (Its halfway impossible to get the compund out of it). I'm honestly surprised that it only took him an hour and a half to...
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Is it something you crimp around wires?
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    FS: 2x18650 Custom Host. Aixiz 12mm Module

    Damn man! I may have to snag one!
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    question about Survival Lasers

    If you want to, I have an extra pill and ring. So if you need one I can get them to you for cheap. ;)
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    question about Survival Lasers

    It does come with the pill and ring! Well at least mine did.
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    price lowered NOIR LaserShield OD7+ Goggles 190-534nm $60 shipped

    I have received my pair a couple days ago and they are AMAZING! I wish i had the money to get a second pair! Buy them up guys this is a great deal!
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    Prices Dropped 6/1/14 Mrcrouse's Going Back to College Sale

    Re: Mrcrouse's Going Back to College Sale PM sent!
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    IRC Party?

    If I'm thinking right you'll come on at 7:30am there correct?