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    WTB - "Urgent" - laser modules in Australia

    I didn’t realise they still sell them, just had a look online. $80 for a 10mW green. Ouch!
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    WTB - "Urgent" - laser modules in Australia

    Thanks for the offer but I am really after low powered modules for safety's sake. If I am ever looking to build another 445nm module I will definitely send you a PM first though :) What has your experience been with customs confiscating modules? Where did you order them from, and did you put up...
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    WTB - "Urgent" - laser modules in Australia

    Hi All, I have an upcoming project and I need to source a few (1-5, whatever I can get) low powered (10-20mW preferred, 30mW max) laser modules of any visible colour (pref green/blue) within the next 3 or so weeks. TTL control is preferable but not essential. I would also prefer modules with...
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    My 8x Blu-Ray SHAVED MY GIRL'S ASS !!!

    Damn! I was hoping for pics. Last night I shot a moth out of the air with my 445nm. He made a smoke ring and a popping sound before plummeting to the ground.
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    Pushing 1A and higher in 18650 DX hosts ?

    Im running mine at about 900mA. The heatsink doesn't even make a tight fit with the body (I already had the host and jayrob had to machine it without having the exact host on hand, hence made it slightly smaller to guarantee a fit). Nevertheless, the heat issues aren't as bad as I was expecting...
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    Is you an Engineer or something?

    I'm a civil engineer. Not related to lasers at all. I guess I can use my 445 to point things out on large construction sites in broad daylight...
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    Color Acuity Test

    I scored 34. But I am colourblind according to the ishihara tests, which is why I don't get into arguments about colours. Can you believe I worked in a hardware store mixing paint and giving out colour scheme advice for 2 years? Only a few customers noticed... and only one yelled at me for...
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    FS: 405-G-1 Glass Lens Mod - 31% Increase vs AixiZ!

    Jayrob, I received the lens and heatsink today. I just wanted to publically commend you on the excellent workmanship! You have a very happy customer here in Australia.
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    Casio a140 vs a130

    From what I've seen, the A140 diodes are in fact more powerful. The diodes that have been driven up to 1.5-2W and beyond have all come from the A140 to my knowledge. Also, if you look at the P vs I graphs over in the mW/mA thread, you'll see many of the A130 diodes have the telltale 'kink' in...
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    Hello, I am new to the scene (WA)

    That's not something you can promise. I guess part of the reason members of this forum have strong opinions about the 1W being a first laser is because newbies don't realise just how easy it is to accidentally expose yourself or others to harmful levels of radiation. Like most, my first was a...
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    Other DLP laser projectors

    A quick google search shows that the ML520G71 outputs 300mW and the ML520G72 outputs 500mW. Edit: Sorry, I misread your question. I'll leave this info up though.
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    445nm Laser Diode Compilation Thread

    Re: 445nm Casio Laser Diode Compilation Thread You need to drop the input voltage to below 5.5v. From two ~4v batteries (the voltage of a 3.7v battery when fully charged) that means a 2.5v drop, which at 700mA would be dissipating 1.7W of heat in diodes. You'd be better off using the 3.7v...
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    How I boosted ≤5mW red pointer with DVD writer diode

    Brilliant photos! You've nailed the exposure in each shot. Do you have plans to build any blue lasers?
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    ~10mW 445nm pen?

    They are indeed single mode at low powers: Blue frenzy hits the holographer too… « W’s Laserblog
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    Configuring flexdrive for multiple output currents?

    Reply from DrLava: "Hi, the pot is in series with those 3 resistors, and the signal is DC. However, at startup there is a transient so you should use a twisted pair to minimize inductance. You can set up a switch between to power outputs, I would suggest using a second potentiometer that is...