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    Looking for new GPU :(

    Be aware that your CPU may limit what a GTX560 can manage. 6 months ago I upgraded from a GTX285 to a GTX670, but found that my overclocked q6600 couldn't keep the GPU supplied at higher settings. Trying to use higher video quality on BF3 just resulted in my CPU usage going from 85% to 100%...
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    "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (REFUNDING.!!!!!!)

    Re: "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (Taking Payments for Round 2) Ditto
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    My $100 mistake /w pictures

    I use 3 FlexMod N2's in my projector, the connections are wired to terminal blocks, and the diodes are wired to terminal blocks. I can move the lasers around just fine. I have yet to use my P3's , but following the simple rule of never applying power to the diode with out solid connections and...
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    I just don't get it....

    Never seen a HeNe that required water cooling. My 15mW works just fine on air cooling.
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    Story Time! How bad have you been shocked?

    I used to get hit by the starting pulse for HeNe's 10-20 times a day, but the worst was a ganged PSU for lighting 40 HeNe's at once, I tingled for 2 days after that one. :wtf:
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    "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (REFUNDING.!!!!!!)

    Re: GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm Add me for 2x please.
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    The Quest for Orange HeNe's! (604nm / 612nm)

    I believe I have a couple of the HR and output lenses from the first MG builds of the 612nm hene's. They may or may not work with some of the double brewster tubes, because I remember that they used a slightly different mix and pressure of gases than the 633nm tubes. That may have changed when...
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    improving aixiz module for diodes heatsinking

    I have one of the o-lke housings for 9mm diodes, but the diode fit is so loose, you would need to made something like kiyoukan's insert to hold the diode in place.
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    Trouble firing up my new HeNe tube

    The coil will cause the gas in the tube to glow if its still present.
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    Trouble firing up my new HeNe tube

    We used to keep one of those coils next to each of the vacuum processing systems for the HeNe's.
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    Trouble firing up my new HeNe tube

    Looking at the serial #, that looks like one of the 05-LHR-006's that I made in 1988. The cathode seal and the gas fill tube are the normal failure points. If the Glass to kovar seal looks silvery the tube may have leaked. If the fill tube has been damaged at the crimp, its possible it leaked...
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    DIY RGB build on MDF with homemade turning/dichroic mounts. Pic heavy!

    I used 1/2" MDF on my first scanner build, and I constantly have to adjust my farfield alignment. I'm using 1/4" aluminum on my current build.
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    Rant: Car Fuel expensive !!

    Just filled up yesterday at $4.27/Gal for 92 octane. Its gone u[p 30 cents in 1 week.
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    Safe Operating Current of Mits 635s?

    Depends on the lense used, I believe those graphs were done with an Aixiz glass lense.
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    Ultimate DIY Projector Reference

    Re: Ultimate DIY Projector Guide Awesome work. :gj: