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    High Powered Amazon Laser 532nm

    Yes, they moved their lasers to Yourlasers due to Paypal restrictions. The one in Yourlasers is that same I bought and reviewd.
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    High Powered Amazon Laser 532nm

    DX used to sell lasers with this host for arround $30. Pretty overspec (85mW) Of course it's probably not the same laser/supplier
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    best cheap laser?

    It certainly does not. If you are looking for a cheap but decent laser pointer, I've bought one some time ago that surprised me although it has no IR filter. a forum colleage's review (+measurements)...
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    New DX green - SD 306

    Let me just add something... Judging by the videos and reviews I think this laser should be worth a review. If I could I'd buy it. SD-301 Focusable 100mW 532nm Green Laser Pen Pointer with Battery Set (1*18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
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    2 W Laser Gauntlet

    Hehe, I was just kidding. Awesome 445nm of yours, I was very impressed with the video. Presently I'm not very much into lasers (financially), I have other priorities but as soon as I get the money I think I'll try...
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    2 W Laser Gauntlet

    Ich muss auch ein haben! Wie viel hat es gekostet? Ich glaube ich werde auch ein 445nm bauen aber nicht so komplex wie dein.
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    Kipkay 2W ?

    Besides the lack of safety warnings (It's already been discussed here) what really annoys me is the way you talk about lasers. When you mentioned your laser during the video we are talking about, it sounded to me like: ... and also my super-d00per-blaster-hypercool-purple-freaking-laser ! You...
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    Green laser questions -- newbie

    For what I've read, I'd say o-like lasers are mostly up-to-spec if not overspec. They have a nice QC, they can measure the power before shipping to you and their Customer Service is really good. @topic I also suggest you take a look at the last FP laser review by yobresal, although FP is much...
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    Biggest scam I've ever seen!

    I still can't put up with the "haved" :facepalm:
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    Focal Price " 500Mw 1000m 532-1064nm Green Laser Pointer Pen with Lock Switch "

    Re: Focal Price " 500Mw 1000m 532-1064nm Green Laser Pointer Pen with Lock Switch " As it comes without IR Filter (I guess) what would be the raw power? (Green + IR leak)
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    Focal Price " 200Mw 1000m 405nm Adjustable Focus Blue Laser Pointer Pen "

    Re: Focal Price " 200Mw 1000m 405nm Adjustable Focus Blue Laser Pointer Pen " I really need to +rep you. Cheap websites like FP may have reasonably good lasers for the price but no one wants to give them a try (including me) Thank you for doing it and sharing your experience with us !
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    DX SKYRAY S-R5 Cree XPE-R4 Review

    Bad batches are VERY possible. I bought a second one and it was terrible. Poorly lubed, nothing like the first and excellent one. I received the RMA and it's ok but still not as good as the first one.
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    DX SDLaser 301 (50mW Focusable) [New Pics] + Divergence

    Most of the 50mW are overspec. I'm not very sure about the other versions. People seem to be satisfied with them but none of them have LPMs. I think only two people with a LPM tested it and they were underspec. I thought about buying them, but since there are no decent reviews so far I'll wait.
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    New $60 adventure

    You should be asking this in my review thread, but if there's no problem I'll answer. It was advertised as 50mW. Take a look at my review (check out my signature) and you can see lots of info,