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    Anyone here live in Melbourne florida?

    Valparaiso until August, Orlando August-May
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    Anyone here live in Melbourne florida?

    I live about 30 minutes from Navarre in the summer, and about an hour from Melbourne during the school year.
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    My laser saved my life!!!!

    My protection is more important than that of a dog's. If I had only a laser to defend myself, I would use it. If I had only a gun to defend myself, I would use that too.
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    Need Help Buying My First Laser

    Honestly, if you start with something very powerful, especially like 1W, there WILL be safety concerns. You need something to practice with. None of us here want to endorse you saying "I wonder what happens if...." while holding a 1W laser. With a lower power laser, you might get away with a...
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    Would OD 8 be too much power reduction for a ~1 W laser?

    With OD 7 I can see the a small dot well on white surfaces or any other surfaces. I also have accidentally received direct reflections from the laser beam into the goggles, and it was scary (noticeable) but very dim and definitely safe. I can imagine OD 8 would not be much different.
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    Any 445 accidents yet?

    Wow dude. You aren't more "tolerant" than anyone else. It's simple science. You've got cells in your eyes, and they are getting demolished by high powered radiation. You don't have a stronger retina than I do or some nonsense like that. If you have been viewing a 1W laser diffuse reflection...
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    what lazer for less than 100?

    Hey, cool down. I'm not telling him what to do at all. I'm giving the advise, that IN MY OPINION (as this was stated in my post) he should start with a lowered powered laser because I think that is the safest approach. If he doesn't agree, that's fine. As a matter of fact, my post did EXACTLY...
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    what lazer for less than 100?

    Uhh, I'd start with a lower powered laser first. Please don't jump into the higher powered laSers without proper safety education which can be gained by reading this forum.
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    1.1W 445nm Custom Build in Ehgemus Host: $5.00!!!!

    I think this is not a good idea. Also, the seller is making tons through this. He's selling his laser for $400. I wouldn't spend more than $270-300.
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    Free CVI Melles Griot tee shirt

    I did mine back in July...No email and got my shirt. I just got an email...they're sending me another.
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    Arkansas Laserists

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    Laser pros- drop by a sec

    Just use the laser outside only, and shoot it either into the sky or at objects not in your immediate vicinity. That's all the fun of "viewing" a laser right there. If you want to get a laser for burning, most people won't get a 200mW green but rather a laser costing $200 or more, so dishing...
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    1 watt laser question

    Diode's cannot perform any type of locomotion autonomously, so I'd say the chances of your diode walking are quite slim. However, I would suggest lower appendages or perhaps a motorized vehicular device of some sort to assist you in your task.
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    Coherent LaserCheck LPM with 445nm.

    I've also noticed significant differences between a Coherent Fieldmaster and a Newport.
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    IR Laser viewing

    Qumefox is right, without IR cards or a IR scope (which is only for the dot...) you can't see an IR dot. The beam itself is even further out of the question.