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    X-Boost V7 Mini & Super Mini (8mmx11.5mm) 1.8A Laser Driver

    Looks like the rectangular boards are sold out everywhere now! :/ Correct me if I'm wrong please. I need a few of those suckers.
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    New Hosts Added 3/16/14: Mrcrouse's Completely Custom Hosts - 5A Foward Switches

    Re: FS: Mrcrouse's Completely Custom Hosts - Fresh off the Lathe PM sent. Just saw here that you include tracked shipping in the US! Awesome!
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    SOLD: 200mW 473nm Labby

    Re: FS: 200mW 473nm Labby PM sent!
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    How does the current flow?

    You shouldn't hook your diode directly to the case unless your very sure of what you're doing. Usually the driver has two separate +&- terminals. One for the case input and the other set for the diode output. Usually the driver isolates the diode from the current and voltage in the actual case.
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    looking for green modules need help

    The green module is larger than the red ones because a 532nm laser module is actually an infrared diode and a crystal that divides the wavelength to create visible light. The red modules just include a red diode. In my opinion, as ENX said, ebay is your best bet for a small green ~5mW module...
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    All my great laser stuff is for sale!

    Is the PGL-III-589nm still available? I'm itching for one of those babies...... PM sent. Edit: I've got a 12x still packaged from DTR that I can trade to ya as well if you're still in need.
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    My wife left me

    Always remember that you are your own individual. Although it seems impossible to make every decision for yourself after a relationship, you will regain a stronger self control after doing so. Also remember to appreciate the small and beautiful things around you every day! When you think of...
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    Cajunlasers.com 10% off for forum members

    I absolutely love your products sir! This is the 2nd time Ive ordered from you and Im already stoked to get the package. Thanks clif!
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    [Ended]Buckyballs (Desk Magnet Toys) Sale

    Re: Buckyballs (Desk Magnet Toys) Sale Thank you so much! I have 400 and I just bought 1000 more... lol
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    The MagicSticks Custom Hosts - PICS & INFO

    Re: The MagicStick V 2- Anodized Black PICS Would love to hop on the list too when youre back from your vacation, Sinner!
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    WTB Burning Laser

    Yeah but the difference in power output between even the highest efficiency 405nm and a 445nm is enough to make the 445's better for burning.
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    Laser fire sale Large images PRICE DROP

    Re: Laser fire sale Large images Received my silver host and heatsink yesterday. Its really cool! Im stoked to stick a diode in it tonight after work... Haha
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    Laser fire sale Large images PRICE DROP

    Re: Laser fire sale Large images I haven't received tracking info but Kiyo said he would ship mine on Monday. So hopefully it's on it's way. Haha
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    Laser fire sale Large images PRICE DROP

    Re: Laser fire sale Large images Yeah, I sent payment for one of the hosts and heatsinks and haven't heard anything besides "Payment received". I think it may take a while but with patients this will definitely work out. I know that I got a refund on the drivers last time Kiyo disappeared and...