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Newfoundland , Canada
Hardware store clerk/sales


My L.A.S.E.R.S:

405nm 1.1W C-11 Smooth Flow Mrcrouse Kit
445nm 3.2W Mrcrouse Mace Of Doom Kit
445nm 1.6W Pocket Rocket Pman Special Custom *Al Heatsink
447nm 1W Dragon Lasers Spartan Fried Diode and Lens
447nm 1W Dragon Lasers Spartan working perfectly
450nm 170mw Mrcrouse 501b Kit
520nm 100mw Mrcrouse 501b kit
532nm 100mw SD Laser 303
532nm 100mw SFCG-100
532nm 100mw Classic Playmates Phaser Ghetto Build
532nm 300mw SkyLasers HL-532-300
638nm 220mw Mrcrouse 501b kit
650nm 100mw Pen
650nm 200mw SFCR-200
650nm 300mw Mrcrouse Ultrafire 903 Kit
660nm 300mw RL-118 with LPC-840

NOIR Lasershields DBY style #39 laser goggles
Eagle Pair® 190-540nm & 800-1700nm OD5 Laser Safety Goggles
Laserbee II Deluxe 3W LPM

LPF - Fueling Your Laser Fire




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