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    FS: 13096 host Complete Build Kit

    Thanks Jeff, I love this host! Good job for fixing my 405nm great work.
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    CLOSED - Secret Santa 2012!

    Still waiting on my gift. My Santa must have instructed one of his elves to deliver my gift. I think little guy might be walking form the North Pole.
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    CLOSED - Secret Santa 2012!

    Hope my recipient gets their stuff soon. Lets all just keep posting here when we get our gifts. I want to here what he or she thinks:)
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    CLOSED - Secret Santa 2012!

    Re: Signup/Need Address - Secret Santa 2012! It's almost time, I'm geting excited:)
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    For sale 2 Hosts for green module

    Sorry guys, but these items are long gone.
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    Woman buys fake ipad for $200. LOL she deserve to loose her money ''stollen property''
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    sad newz to report

    Thats horrible he lost his wife, sorry:(
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    No white house for you
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    Dogs and pointers!

    This little doberman and kid video, has been making me laugh for years. I think you have less dogs chasing lasers, because they learn really quick. That the little dot of light is impossible to ever really get. I'm a cat person, I love my cats. I have a hard time even using my lasers around...
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    CLOSED - Secret Santa 2012!

    Re: Signup - Secret Santa 2012! Last year was fun. You can count me in :)
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    Win thread

    GoPro Camera and hot bodies at Burning man 2012 ?v=Ea3RAkGqYC8
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    Donating to LPF

    Just did a small donation. It's been some time since I last gave:( Anyway, Thanks for your time and effort that you have donated over the years...
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    Lamb Of God.

    ??? It takes time to put a case together. If the police or DA suspect a individual. They need to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, get reports from Doctors. Then they need to present it all this to a judge. To top it off the suspect is not even a citizen of the country it happened in. If Randy...
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    I wonder if Kenom is doing ok? His last post was 5/2 I hope he is not waiting for 2012 tax return:(
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    Jetl GB#7 is CLOSED all pymts in all funds sent to Gray

    Thats how I came to know that site also. It was when Jeff ''flaminpyro'' was perma banned. I like his services and value his friendship. So I followed him. I understand what len did was wrong but to be perma banned is a little harsh. We cant keep loosing our knowledge base:yabbem: