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    Are lasers illegal in the US?

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    Help on pulse laser diodes?

    I am looking to make a low power pulse laser (<500mw), I have found a diode at 400mw when pulsed (Sony SLD3237VF). I just need a circuit design for a pulse laser or some, if anyone knows a guide or such that would be very helpful :)
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    Struggling to put 3.8mm diode in to housing

    Yes the hole is slightly to small but i believe if i use a washer or a nut in between the pins and the back end of the housing it may work
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    Hello, I'm from Oregon and I'm a noob with a problem.

    This is the best thread ever...
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    Struggling to put 3.8mm diode in to housing

    the file attached is the module i have got, what am i meant to do?
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    Struggling to put 3.8mm diode in to housing

    Do you know a place to get a press set in the UK, I don't really want to spend all that money on a press set that i may only use once :(
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    Struggling to put 3.8mm diode in to housing

    I am struggling to put a 3.8mm diode into its housing. My usual approach to putting in diodes is to bash it in with some metal tools however due to the small size of the diode and the static sensitivity of it, i am struggling to get it in without killing the diode. I do own a vice but im not...
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    1.6W Laser Video

    Finally after a few weeks, I got all the videos I wanted and here they are: video
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    no its definetly 150mw i have to focus it down to the smallest point or it wont smoke anything or burn anything. I have now got a 1w diode and their is a big difference in burning.
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    Apologies and introductions.

    I wish i would have known this when i bought my goggles!
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    I need some help

    Anyway once you find the required current you will need to buy or make a driver.
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    I need some help

    You will need a driver to power the diode, they regulate current otherwise your diode will die. Watch this styropyro video which will teach you the basics on how to make a simple driver: this driver is very cheap and all parts needed are on ebay. I dont reccomend you use a salvaged dvd laser...
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    Assembly help, housings etc.

    You cant get all this on eBay. Im struggling to understand what you want. do you want a laser module for the TO-18 can laser diode with a lense, because those are very cheap of eBay, or are you looking for a housing to put that module in??? Because if you just need a module you will need a new...
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    Thank you! Once my new laser diode arrives, I will hopefully be abele to make <1 watt laser!
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    Dont mind, i have eBay to get my diodes!