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    1.6W Laser Video

    Finally after a few weeks, I got all the videos I wanted and here they are: video
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    no its definetly 150mw i have to focus it down to the smallest point or it wont smoke anything or burn anything. I have now got a 1w diode and their is a big difference in burning.
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    Apologies and introductions.

    I wish i would have known this when i bought my goggles!
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    I need some help

    Anyway once you find the required current you will need to buy or make a driver.
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    I need some help

    You will need a driver to power the diode, they regulate current otherwise your diode will die. Watch this styropyro video which will teach you the basics on how to make a simple driver: this driver is very cheap and all parts needed are on ebay. I dont reccomend you use a salvaged dvd laser...
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    Assembly help, housings etc.

    You cant get all this on eBay. Im struggling to understand what you want. do you want a laser module for the TO-18 can laser diode with a lense, because those are very cheap of eBay, or are you looking for a housing to put that module in??? Because if you just need a module you will need a new...
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    Thank you! Once my new laser diode arrives, I will hopefully be abele to make <1 watt laser!
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    Dont mind, i have eBay to get my diodes!
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    OD6 90-540nm Eagle Pair Goggles
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    Hey guys im new and wanted to get into building lasers

    Find them on eBay. This seller is where i have bought my laser diodes: seller
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    Hello from Poland.

    Hello, i'm new as well and i can say there is lots of knowledge here!
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    1 watt 450nm Laser. High power time!
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    No problem I'm glad you enjoyed!
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    Created a video, burning a match and comparing the LASERs
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    Any 1w diodes?

    By the way i managed to make a 150mw laser thanks to your advice!