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    Shop moving towards closing !!!!!!

    Sorry to hear, best of luck
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    Laserpointerpro.com ~ 100mw-6000mw Laser Pointers, UP TO 50% OFF

    Re: Great deal of 2000mW Circle Straight Type High Power Blue Light Laser Pointer I knew the actual power of it before i bought it and in the end I paid 70$ for a 1 watt laser. That seems fair to me.
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    Laserpointerpro.com ~ 100mw-6000mw Laser Pointers, UP TO 50% OFF

    Re: Great deal of 2000mW Circle Straight Type High Power Blue Light Laser Pointer These are marked up lasers from Aliexpress, they are around 80$ on there. About 800-1000 mw maybe less. I got one in the mail today, identical...
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    Aliexpress good deal on 532

    I've been shopping aliexpress a lot lately. I stick to sellers and lasers with lots of feedback as this is something I don't believe they can spoof. I have only had 1 dispute and I got all my money back from it through the escrow service. I buy mostly cheap ones but as my confidence in the site...
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    Strange red dot from a 650 nm

    Good to know, kind of a neat effect actually.
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    Strange red dot from a 650 nm

    I apologize if this has been asked before, I tried my best with the search feature. Anyways, I got a red laser from DX today and it has an interesting spot... Any ideas what causes this?
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    Science trumps the Force to create a real-life lightsaber

    Below the first photo: "Science fiction or science friendship? (Credit: Wicked Lasers)"
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    Apology for typos, grammar and spelling on posts

    I hope this isn't too much of a Necro post.. I can verify that Canadian Customs has a black list, I would expect most other countries do too. I am on the aforementioned list for Canada. I do a lot of online shopping and pretty much every package I get from out of the country has been opened and...
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    DIY Time lapse Camera , Arduino Based

    Awesome! I recently did some testing of Arduinos time function (millis()) paired against a DS1388 RTC chip. It was within a second after many hours... Then my laptop shut off and I didn't feel like repeating the test.. I would love to see some time lapse shots made into a video. +rep
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    What else do you collect apart from lasers ?[picture heavy]

    This is my most prized collection, not shown is a 1943 Mosin Nagant. For Canada this is considered "severely gun crazy". About the guns: Handguns: Smith & Wesson M&P 40: .40 S&W Norinco Woodsman: .22 LR Shotguns: Maverick 88 Pistol Grip: 12 gauge Stoeger M3500 Semi-Auto: 12 gauge Cooey Break...
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    Worth keeping?

    Sounds like the sort of luck I have with products...
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    Worth keeping?

    Pretty close, it took a 123A and could make smoke if I focused it. But Definitely cheap. HY Laser103 5mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Flashlight - Black (1 x CR123A) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
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    Worth keeping?

    So you're saying that's a cheap garbage driver?? :cryyy: lol That actually doesn't surprise me.. I plan on building a buck regulator soon but I will check theirs out for sure. Thanks
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    Worth keeping?

    The tether on my laser broke tonight and the laser hit the floor and no longer works. I opened it up and found a piece of the diode rattling around. I'm not too hung up over a $30 laser but I was wondering if the driver is worth keeping. The large chip is an op amp.. The back reads...
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    Post your: Desk/Work area!

    This is the fun half of my desk, the other half is just a computer for porn. I mean work. Usually its a slew of interconnecting wires and components with various monitoring and debugging interfaces tied in the midst of it all with data sheets pinned all over the walls, but I'm between projects...