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    Portable 1/2 Watt RGB

    Wow, that's cool. Do you plan on selling these modules in the future?
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    24" aerial shell build

    The funny thing is non-profit clubs can do things that actual firework show companies cannot. For instance, if I remember correctly, the shell size for shows is limited to 12 inches. However, since clubs are not "in commerce" they have no limit for regular shells.
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    24" aerial shell build

    Gonna send a PM.
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    24" aerial shell build

    Oh nice! I was at WWB 2011 and 2012, but unfortunately this year I only had time for one convention (the upcoming Do-It in Hawthorne Nevada). I should be able to make to WWB 2014 though :D I think I actually prefer Do-It to WWB. WWB is bigger, so the shows are bigger and better. However...
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    24" aerial shell build

    Your a PGI member FlamingPyro? Nice, I am a member of the WPA. I saw my first 24" shell at last year's WinterBlast. The range was more than a quarter mile away, yet the comets flew right over my head.... Just an incredible sight. I only get to manufacture twice a year, but I'm starting to...
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    Scamazon got me for the first time.

    I got the same batteries for a particular laser. The shroud is too thick to fit in the intended laser, but I can use them in other ones. I just assumed they are panasonic batts that a third party added the pcb and shroud onto. I really hope they are, because they are quite expensive.
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    FS: Firedragon 532nm, Aurora V6 445, Rayfoss 100mw BO3 532nm

    Basically I am waiting for a member that said he could send me a payment by Friday or Saturday. If this falls through I have one person in front of you capatel0088, then DK :) So: Anon-that might send payment soon SHromrig Capatel DKlaser Will update OP ASAP. If I could do this again I would...
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    The JAD V2 Kit Showcase - 1x18650 Heavy-Duty C6

    Really nice process there Ryan, very sturdy imo.. What is the "fmt-drv" that you are using, is that a driver of your own design? I could be wrong here, but I believe a nickel should weigh 4.9-5.2g, so I would be very surprised if that pill + the desoldered board + the copper tab + the wires...
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    I ordered from HTD 9 month's ago, nothing came

    I'm ordered from HTD a few times, everything went smoothly, and that guy ships FAST. I'm not blaming you, but it seems like the contact info you are using is outdated. Also, Daawood123, I love your avatar :cool:
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    Just a thought...

    Yeah it's BS when you are required to ship a ebay item without actually being paid. I don't sell on ebay anymore... The account freeze thing is why I don't keep more than $10 in paypal at any given time, free instant transfers ftw :)
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    GB: $2.46 Ben Boost Drivers

    Yeah, I'm in central CA, I should add that to my info profile info ;)
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    GB: $2.46 Ben Boost Drivers

    In for 25, might do more in the future, we shall see :) I would also be interested in getting these pre-assembled, my setup is not the best...
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    FS: Firedragon 532nm, Aurora V6 445, Rayfoss 100mw BO3 532nm

    Video added, and PM sent DJ (with close ups of scratches).
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    FS: Firedragon 532nm, Aurora V6 445, Rayfoss 100mw BO3 532nm

    International tracked should be $16 Take away the $5 it would cost me in the US and you would have to pay $11 extra DJNY, so yeah, $130 total :) Though I'm sure why you would want a V6 @ 800ma when you have a 2W krypton :D Ill upload pictures when I get home, currently I am on my campus... The...
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    FS: Firedragon 532nm, Aurora V6 445, Rayfoss 100mw BO3 532nm

    UPDATE: 445nm and Rayfoss 100mw sold pending payment, firedragon might be taken. I have decided to sell the Firedragon 532nm laser that I purchased off of Tman. Here is the original sell thread http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/now-gone-fs-ft-firedragon-532nm-500mw-72911.html I am more than...