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    Sanwu 7W silver

    Hi mate. I have 3W silver series, couldn't quite push myself to 7W really wish i brought the 5W now. Although after my 3W diode failing and having it repaired by Sanwu it's still not quite right and im having difficulty getting a response witch is frustrating considering the cost of them...
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    Swansu lasers a little help please

    Hi all I'm looking for a little advice. I brought a laser from swansu lasers and in extremely happy with the service and product although recently my laser went faulty. After having emailed swansu we arranged for my return of the "heatsink" and I shipped back to him. Tracking shows it's left...
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    For Sale: 3.5W 445nm Blue - Price Drop!

    I did noticed this after posting a reply doh! :whistle: thats what i get for using the search function :angel:
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    Hello from United Kingdom!!

    Thank you everyone for the good information !! and lots of help everyone pointing me in the right direction to get started ! :)
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    For Sale: 3.5W 445nm Blue - Price Drop!

    is this still for sale?? will you fedex fas delivery to united kingdon?
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    For sale my laser 2w,150mw,300mW

    Hi will you ship blue laser to uk ?
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    FS: 16X BDR-209 Burner For Sale.

    Sorry just noticed :)
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    Looking for a violet laser

    Hi there. This looks like a peace of equipment. Please could you specify more details as I'm still getting to terms of all these nm and kw ect. Also I would need shpiping to U.K Thanks!
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    Looking for a violet laser

    Thank you for the info, I see what you mean. I'd like anyone to offer me somthing along them lines, color is not somthing I'm over bothered about. Iv been looking on a few websites but can't seem to find any that look trust worthy and ship to UK.!
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    Looking for a violet laser

    I would be happy to pay around £140 for a decent one. I did buy off laserpointerpro but have canceled my order as it's been 7 days now and order is still processing. I have glasses that I got with my laser here in the UK but its really not powerfull enough it's depressing lol
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    Looking for a violet laser

    Hi I'm looking for a violet high power laser, that can burn matches with speed and also small bits of rubber ect. Would appreciate item to be shipped fast to the UK if possible. I understand somtimes battery's won't come through customs so will buy just laser if nessasery !! Show me what you...
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    Hello from United Kingdom!!

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd let everyone know, I'm looking for a new laser. Still learning, not quite sure on a few things but I'm a serious buyer :).
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    SALE - PRICE REDUCED Sanwu Challenger II 4,000mW 470nm G7 Lens w/ Batteries & Charger

    Re: SALE - PRICE REDUCED Sanwu Challenger II 4,000mW 470nm G7 Lens w/ Batteries & Cha Is this still for sale?
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    For sale- sanwu pocket 445nm 500mw G2 lens

    Hi is this still does sale??