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    sanwu challenger 2 or striker series?

    No because the voltage will simply not be enough to power it properly. In the smaller configuration you will need to use 2x16340 or 2x18350 which will come to the same size as 1x18650 but have the same voltage as 2x18650's. (Obviously capacity will be smaller than 2x18650s) I would recommend...
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    Hi from Virginia!

    Welcome to LPF. :)
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    The worst example of poor laser safety I’ve ever seen!

    This is absolutely disgraceful. Considering the average brain is made up of 100 Billion cells, Seems like he has 100 Billion less than average. Thanks for sharing. Reported and disliked. :)
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    Greetings from WA State

    Welcome to LPF :). With these cheap lasers you can never really be sure unless you use an LPM. Try watching this video by Styropyro and see if it helps at all. https://youtu.be/woiTedSKPrk You should buy some eagle pair safety goggles from survival laser to ensure you do not inflict damage to...
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    Hello from CA!

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    Howdy from Appalachia

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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    Sorry to hear about all of these problems. As a car enthusiast myself I feel your pain. Its sad to think something you love can be taken away in an instant. This is a great example of why we should all appreciate and enjoy what we have whilst we have it. Hope the future brings you good things.
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    Welcome to LPF! :crackup: I needed a laugh to wake me up. :)
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    Newcomer from Virginia

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    Building a 1.7W blue laser (raw footage)

    very nice! Love the first person perspective.
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    New member from San Antonio

    Welcome to the forum. I have been a member since 2014 but found myself too immature at the time so gave up for a few years as I also did not have the money to purchase any lasers. I then came back later last year, a year after my parents divorced and found lasers to be a great way to take my...
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    Introduction - hi from Sydney

    Welcome to LPF! :) Stay safe.
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    Hello from Portugal !!!

    Welcome to LPF! :) Stay safe.