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    why not just use blf? much more user friendly from what i read and its alot faster too.
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    Florida Shooting

    Yeah and he also wrote if thats even him but i think that on youtube that hes gonna be a famous school killer one day.. guess he did what he wanted.. but all the signs etc from those that knew him said he was f*ked up yet no authority or anything did an investigation on him..... Also the...
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    how many mw is this laser?

    well a green 532 that peaks for 50mW or more can travel quite far no ? usually those 303 are quite powerful the green ones so the beam can travel very far if u ask me.
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    how many mw is this laser?

    well a green 532 that peaks for 50mW or more can travel quite far no ?
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    Replacement batteries worth it?

    16340 batteries even the better brands only hold about 750mah at most, those cheap u have u are lucky if they even have 350 mah or so, i had a few ultrafire myself they had something like that. Good 16340 are olight,eagletac, keeppower or nitecore since they power some powerful flashlights they...
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    Horrible irony.

    Tragic.. that powerful laser u should never have batteries in unless it has safety features that prevents accidental power on.. :(
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    Searching for 150mW-200mW handheld 532nm green laser

    Jetlasers, similar to laserbtb and not too pricy and offers what uwant. If i was to buy a laser today with a budget around 200$ or less i would go with Jet.
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    Lazerer defunct?

    Glad to see them gone, never liked them they were maybe ok in the beginning but overall they didnt sell really quality lasers or had the best reputation in here... u could find their lasers on ebay/ali or whatever.. good companies to miss is laserbtb or even if lets say jetlasers will vanish...
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    Photobucket just deleted;

    is there a way to download entire album from photobucket? stupid they wanna charge people 400usd/year now.. they can go to hell lol
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    Skylasers Future?

    laserbtb will be missed, they had great unique hosts and good laser quality, i asume skylasers will soon end aswell... im happy i got a chance to buy a few years ago. So if i would buy a laser today i would check on Jetlasers seems they are if not better then laserbtb was before. I dont care...
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    Buy one laser- get 62 for free!

    can i have one ? i pay shipping..
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    I'm so excited..

    nice, but be safe 1w of green will be crazy bright for normal use, hope u have good googles to protect eyes.
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    Review: 473 nm 100 mW Jet Lasers PL-E Pro „Sky Beauty“

    wow very nice review and awesome beam shots :)
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    JetLasers PLE-Pro 520nm 70mw Green Laser

    nice laser should be overspec and not far from 100mW!
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    100mw 473nm PL-E Pro on the way

    goodluck hope its gonna be crazy overspec!