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  • you OKAY??
    Last Activity: 02-29-2012 01:57 AM

    Some at LPF are seeking heat sinks for labbies fyi

    we now have you down as MIA...


    still a spot open in the car going to SELEM-leaving Wed Aug15th(iirc) returning mid day on following Monday--PM if interested===hak
    rsvp if your are serious---len
    Hey Austin,

    I am back home so I can build you your remote now.

    I went through my paypal account to figure out what I still owe you. It looks to me I owe you $200 is that right.


    I got one of your hosts from RA Pierce- for a 6X with flexdrive- you do very nice work- I will get some of your mounts when you get enough orders to get some-- thank you -Hak
    hey MISTERWILLING, Kenom told me to give you a shout, i need a special item, i'll shoot you a PM soon unless you get to me first ^_^
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