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    Count me in as well Thanks!
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    Re: FS: Polarized Beam Splitter Cube If you still have them next week I will buy one good luck with the sale.
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    laserbee II casing made TRON style

    Very nice job!! Looks great!
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    The "Ninja MK II" - 445nm Chrome Phaser

    Great job looks great for sure!!
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    Need Help buying a LASER.

    Yes I agree start off in the lower end like a 5mW green. You can buy these on ebay, as well as other lasers. The most important thing to remember above all buy proper eye protection!! Even the ebay cheap 5mW green can be over spec that will cause eye damage!! When you get into the blue 445nm it...
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    Just begging for another lawsuit (Wicked)

    I do not like Wicked either but this is pretty cool!!
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    Chinese seller scamming me?

    I agree file a claim now! Do not wait, because you can close the claim, but atleast it will be filled before the deadline.So you are protected for your money!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Matt Ohrenberg!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday as well!! Have a great one!
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    1.3W Ehgemus Build $165 SOLD

    Re: 1.3W Ehgemus Build $165 Another nice laser for sale Yob!! Good luck with the sale not that you need it for quality lasers. Love the Seinfeld poster!
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    Will the Canadian "national security" flag me as a terrorist for this

    In my opinion I do not think you will labeled a terrorist! Your laser will just be taken by customs. I have ordered lots of lasers up to 2.2W and it is gamble everytime. Customs does not check every parcel, and it depends on how the parcel is labled most companys lable it flashlight or other...
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    7x XM-L T6 Flashlight!

    Thanks for the post I ordered this flashlight as well last week so thanks for all the advise from everyone!
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    Aluminum Carrying Case for handheld lasers

    HAKZAW1 I did make one somewhat acceptable for some of my Jetlasers --from a wooden hinged silverware case. Great job on the case!
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    Hey, New to Lasers!

    Welcome to the forum. If you use the search bar on the forum you can find out everything you need to know. I am sure other members will be writing here as well with great info as well. There are expert builders here and very knowlegable members, that if you listen to what they have to say, have...
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    My first tesla coil! *updated*

    Re: My first tesla coil! Good job for your first build:beer:
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    Quality #18650 Batteries & Charger

    I know I have the Sanyo batteries that where bought from Larry through another member, and I can say that the batteries are great. I put them in my lasers, and checked the difference between other batteries Trustfires, and other name brand in different lasers on the LPM and the Sanyo's beat...