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  • still a spot open in the car going to SELEM-leaving Wed Aug15th(iirc) returning mid day on following Monday--PM if interested===hak
    I want to send all of them , can you do that for me.. and i will sell them at a lot less, i've arranged some more of the same type, and these are all small open-can .. would they be 815's or 826's if u know the difference.. also i have posted some pics if u want to take a look i will give u the link here, or it is in the buy/sell thread..
    Hey mark.. I was just curious, the other day you were suggesting that i should ask some other member to trade the RED Laser Diodes that i am planning to sell.. Can you point me in the right direction i am willing to sell them and even more if it turn out to be a good move.. and also i will be more than happy to share some wealth..
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