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    Re: Selling Radiant X4 LPM, and 2 lasers You did. And the system showed that your PM came in 2nd, so it went to the person that messaged me first. Your dibs was also after the PM which came in after Chris's. If Chris fell through it would have went to you. Am I missing something here???
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    Re: Selling Radiant X4 LPM, and 2 lasers Sold and shipped! Thanks Chris, and thanks guys for the interest. Glad I could help give someone a great deal on an LPM, and to show these lasers some more use :)
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    Re: Selling Radiant X4 LPM, and 2 lasers Sorry guys, over 24 hours passed until a mod approved one of my 3 entries, thought something was wrong with the website. Chrisbee and Hak sent their messages within the same minute, but Chris's shows up as first so will have to go by that. Pm incoming...
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    For sale is a package deal, and the items will not be separated. 1x Radiant Alpha X4 LPM, with USB cable and blue 3D printed case, barely used. 1x 445nm laser from yobresal, hits 700mW with 2 freshly charged 18350 cells (included). Also has aluminum focusing knob. 1x 405nm laser from...
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    Best TV Show Songs

    wfxIa-643zI 8pQYtmb-f0w
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    Fun thread - What song was #1 on the day you were born

    April 13th through May 4 1985 (B-day is April 28th) M9BNoNFKCBI
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    What's a daguin?

    Lol, your voice sounds so young, Dave.
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    spider zapper

    And then you have weirdos like me that pick them up off the ground and play with them lol. (Purseweb spider)
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    Congrats on the sale! :D
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    I notice the title change. You manage to sell it then?
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    Re: Visiontek R9 280X for sale. Found a benchmark of r9 280x crossfire vs 780 ti. Pretty interesting. GeForce GTX 780 Ti vs. Radeon R9 280X CrossFire - Graphics cards > Versus - Reviews - ocaholic The downside is possible compatibility issues with crossfire, but if you have the power supply...
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    Re: Visiontek R9 280X for sale. I bought this GTX 970 a month ago. ZOTAC ZT-90107-10P GeForce GTX 970 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 SLI Support AMP! Extreme Core Edition Video Card - Newegg.com My 570 I had for a while fried after some good years, and I wanted to spoil myself. Best...
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    400 Eggs or Butter Dance

    The most important frame from the butter dance video, I feel.
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    Taboo woo woo science?

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    Selling Custom Posters

    Another bump. Still loving the poster!