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  • Have a few channels here too that deal in the oldies but goodies and yes they are to cool especialy when they run marathons
    Isn't that true LED when I go back and re watch the TOS it still amazes me and yes "rekindles" how just far ahead of his time Gene Roddenbury was. I didn't have cable either in my area till the mid 80.s but in time for the Next Generation. I feel bad for you:(
    Hi LED, I was lurking on the prop forums and did read a bit on JJ Abrams and most I guess agree. I grew up on the Original series, well on reruns as in 1966 I was only 4 I love Star Trek but i'm not a trekie lol. When I got my toy phaser thats what actually brought me to this forum and 10 months later I have 15 lasers so enjoy yourself here and watch how fast your collection will grow!
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