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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Re: FS: >110mW Blu-Rays - available It's not broken! But I meant, you have a warranty on it. I never sent it back to you... did I? ;D
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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Re: FS: >110mW Blu-Rays - available I could never quit the hobby... :P I just managed to put it on my lower priorities list (Don't see me as a heretic now!) Because... I had some higher priorities, but no need to go into that. I did feel I had to say something all that time but never got...
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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Re: FS: >110mW Blu-Rays - available I just wanted to mention again that you can not possibly regret purchasing a laser from Igor. His service is simply the best. It's like you're buying a nice luxury car, but he's the salesman that's actually good, knowledgable and not too pushy. Really, if...
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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Re: FS: >110mW Blu-Rays - available Oo, at first, when I tried the grating, I tried to screw off the grating off the lens but it didn't come off too easily, so I let it be for that time. Now, after your post though, I tried it, and here is a shot of the results. Not the best shot, will do...
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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Re: FS: >110mW Blu-Rays - available At last, I present to you some pictures of this 134mW Blu-ray, my DX 200mW Red and my CNI 95mW 532nm: http://s352.photobucket.com/albums/r330/suadion/Lasers/ Pay no attention to the mess, just look at the pretty lasers ;D. EDIT: Also, I apologize for the...
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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Re: FS: >110mW Blu-Rays - available Yup... my camera has some difficulty with recording 405nm though, but some shots are still okay! At least on the camera's screen they all look 473 nm blue o.0. Oh well, uploading and choosing now. ... Taking a long time, guess I wasn't too picky during...
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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Re: FS: >110mW Blu-Rays - available I got it today as well! It's really great, very small and solid. Nothing wiggles and it's pretty thin, just a few mm's thicker than a DX 200 mW red. The construction is simply very solid, great craftsmanship by Igor! I haven't tried it out in the dark yet...
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    Laser safty incident

    I feel some deep philosophical discussion coming up... Really though, who really knows what space really is (I used really thrice intentionally!)? Obviously some scientists are pretty sure, but there is no definite answer.
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    Laser Barrels V2. GB. Second run. Kryton Groove

    Re: Laser Barrels V2. GB. Second run. Kryton Groov I just can't figure out whether you're serious or not! ;D Kudos if not.
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    Senkat - First experience *irony inside*

    Re: Senkat - First experience I believe he was referring to how Chinese products are usually imitations of Western items, such as iPods. This combined with 'imatation' instead of imitation, and 'flatery' instead of flattery may have caused a misunderstanding, even though I believe sk8er was...
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    How do i take pictures of my laser?

    Buy a fog machine and get a picture like this ;). (Picture is of a Dragonlasers Viper 95.)
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    8x speed Blu-Ray burner

    Well, the price will evidently drop. I actually think 380 for a BR drive isn't too bad. DVD recorders were expensive at release as well. Plus, there will probably be some people who are going to make an 8x BR laser.
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    8x speed Blu-Ray burner

    For 380 U.S. Dollars! http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&u=http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/av/docs/20080724/buffalo1.htm Hmm, wonder what power they'd put out. Then again, that question is still valid for 6x burner diodes, is it not? Hope this hasn't been posted before, couldn't find...
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    Pics with my new camera (new pics added!!)

    Re: Pics with my new camera Very nice! I need to get a new camera :(. Though my old one doesn't have burns on its CCD! ;D
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    OMG Fog machine FTMFW

    Yeah, it's so awesome. It's all just so... visible. I sometimes find that with too much smoke the laser loses a lot of the power in the very dense areas of the fog. It's really bright there ;).