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    Ebay "lanling?"  laser shows

    I have the 50mW Green laser unit and I like it. Don't know the actual power until I get my LPM-1 meter. Without smoke the beams are just visible on mine but I would think I would need smoke or the 260mW model without it. Smoke is a lasers shows best friend :) The spread of the beams are quite...
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    A 3 mirror, $70 homemade spirograph machine

    Yep, the spiro is all three mirror/fans running. With two it was oval spirals mostly overlapping.
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    A 3 mirror, $70 homemade spirograph machine

    Although I later purchased a Lanling laser show, I first decided to make a spiro device. All three fan/mirrors are independently controlled using a front bay standard computer fan controller. I put in the cheapest PSU I could find. It's like a 380 watt supply but is really only suppling...
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    Cheap Laser Beam Expander/Collimator?

    Just one more thing to add. I looked at Astronomy magazine today(checking out refractors) and the back section is filled with ads for green laser pointers. If I remember correctly Wicked has at least a half-page ad but there were many other sellers I've never heard of.
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    Cheap Laser Beam Expander/Collimator?

    I want an inexpensive beam expander/collimator, something like 10x. My 20 year old binoculars can even do 3x, so I was thinking of using a refracting telescope instead. A laser beam expander is based on an Galilean telescope so it should be fairly simple. I've tried the one from Information...
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    Where to buy lenses

    Edmund Optics DOES have an offshoot... ANCHOR OPTICS quote "Anchor Optics, a division of Edmund Optics, offers it's(hehe grammar nazi) own line of commercial quality optics. Anchor's commercial optics are not as highly specified as Edmund's line of optics; therefore, Anchor's line is offered...
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    Blu-Ray lights up the luminous stars!!!

    Hmmm....PINK laser? Use a 405nm laser and a 675nm laser. Combine with a dichro. and ta da! PINK . Your results may vary. http://wolfstone.halloweenhost.com/Lighting/colvis_ColorVision.html
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    Sharks annoying you?  Fight back!

    I was searching for a hidden gem amongst all the laser riffraff on eBay and found this. I of course being the smart ass ... err I mean smart buttocks that I am had to embellish it just a bit with my own humor. Here's hoping all future scams will be so easy to detect. Kwiz.
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    555nm for day / ???nm for night

    Ah. That's what I was looking for. :) thanks.
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    Sharks annoying you?  Fight back!

    Do you like to swim? Are you sick and tired of being attacked by sharks? Get the upper hand(or stump) on this cold blooded eating machine! This amazing picture... shows how YOU can fight back using science and technology. Some companies will only sell you their lowly green units! We...
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    The Price Wars has Begun

    "Power to the consumers." That will be verified with a LaserCheck. ;D
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    555nm for day / ???nm for night

    I've seen posts on how the human eye shifts its sensitivity to the blue end of the color spectrum at night. While 555nm is the "holy grail" wavelength, many of us use lasers at night for better visibility. Anyone know the exact wavelength that the eye acquires best when dark adapted or have a...
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    NOVAlasers' Alpha vs. Lucent Optics' Envee

    I have the EnVee 80mW and it seems fine but no way to know its true output until my meter arrives. I have two different IR filters on the way as well. One of those is a BG-39 Schott Glass filter with a plotted transmission curve and chart for all the wavelengths. I would probably go for the...
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    Having fun with a cheap $3.00 Wal-Mart laser

    I'd be curious to test one of those. Have a laser meter coming and could use one for the cat anyway Even the DX 30mW is too much for him. ;D
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    L105G Lanling Scanner Laser Show

    Thanks for the replies things and Tallaxo. I've made my own 3 mirror "spirograph" style unit and want to get something better. :)