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    New Laser Build >7W/445nm!

    Too small for 2x18650 Cool laser WOW:gun:
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    Survival Laser High Power Driver

    Looks like a nice driver :)
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    5W 07E 471nm? build

    Nice work and looks cool :)
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    NUBM44 6W+ 450nm Laser Diode

    WOW - That's a freaking awesome laser DTR +++++
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    FS: 1x18650 Custom Laser Host. Check It Out!

    Looks nice :) I'll send it to a friend of mine who is looking for such a host
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    SOLD OUT | The TerminatoR Laser - 445nm , 638nm , 405nm and more ! ...

    Re: For Sale | The TerminatoR Laser - 2.5W-3W 445nm on Pre-Sale Now ! Price Dropped ! Looks Cool and great price :)
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    ZeroLasers Down. Source for 1.8a X-Boosts?

    What happened to zerolasers? I'm trying to get michael but no luck :(
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    11W blue laser "hell burner". Hello from Russia ;)

    This is great build - WOW !:drool:
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    Blue Laser Dual Diode 9mm.

    Nice build :)
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    Holographic Laser Warning Decals!

    Hey Nick, Thanks for the update. :)
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    Holographic Laser Warning Decals!

    Hey Nick, Any news on my order from 2 Oct?
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    Rick Trent laser kits 3w 445nm

    This is a huge build :) wait to see the final burning machine.
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    Newbie - First Built

    Looks like you'r going to have a great Laser 3.x w Enjoy :)
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    Scorpion King 7.3W of beam expanded insanity!

    O.M.G The beast has emerged :drool:
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    3.5W Black Anodized C6 with Barrel Extension, 2X 18650

    Looks Cool, Do you have a pic fo the machined copper heatsink? Is it bigger then the small one that can bi fitted inside the C6?