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water cooling rigs cnc now Lasers

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405nm PHR-805T UniqueFire A10-B 100ma mogasm linear
405nm 600mw S06J C6 cree
445nm A140 1.35A 1.7W guidesman with G2
445nm 2.5W+ G-2 H1600 in a copper axis 1800ma Mogasm linear 2x AR16340's in a guidesman
445nm 9mm Blitzbuck V3 2.8A Saik 2.9W
445 800mw 9mm in a RHD MOD9 a pollished stainless auraura sh-032 667ma benboost
450nm Osram PL450 301mw in a powerlight B50 Host 400ma microboost
450nm Osram PLTB450 1.7W in a Bigboy Host 1650ma FMT driver
532nm 80mw DPSS DIY info to follow
532nm 50mw DPSS module LASERSMAN Freeby review to follow...
638nm mits300 671ma 500mw C6 cree
638nm mits500 WF-501B 1150mw
638nm mits500 C2 1450ma X-drive 1100mw
685nm 29ma mogasm linear 17mw C6 Cree Aurora