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  • Let the forum know you are OK...MYB a post in 'Soule Lasers

    thread on the virus news
    just braved the rain and lightning--and GLAD I did.. package came with 18mm XKube again perfect .
    the log prism-- very very nice. my old one was a plastic & had scratches-- this one is much nicer. \and again I see zero defects-- the RGV trio- as good as it gets.. def.all O.Spec get new aaa in the morning and do proper review and LPM data.
    Good to hear that ebay has stopped messing with you.. but you cant keep a good man down so chin up..
    BTW-- where is your 'intro' thread?? First thread & first forum-- we understand.. len
    Thanks for your posts to my message board. I have seen all of them. I know you are the Chinese seller that hakzaw1 brought to our attention because he received some good laser optics at very cheap prices. I have also bid on a couple of items in your auctions. If I need anything specific I cannot find I will surely get in touch with you. :D
    haha ,i am so glad to hear from you again so fast.len is a very nice people,he taught me a lot .
    i am new here.There are lots of things to learn about the lpf,the laser,the prism ,the tool and all the new friends.if you have something in laser need to help,tell me,and i will do my best to do in China for you.And i may have lots of questions about laser to ask you , haha,hope it won't to disturb you.i just read your post and felt you were very professional. We'll be good friends.My chinese name is jinghong tian,you can call me tian for short.of course i am also kingkube.i fell that it is so cool about this name for lpf.Back to chat. best wishes
    I suggested 'KingKube' and it is a great fit. They (Tain and wife) have been very helpful and it saddens me that we no longer hear from them-AFAIK they were living close to the 'epicenter' of the Covid beginnings. I hope they moved away safely.
    AFAIK they were living close to the 'epicenter' of the Covid beginnings. I hope they moved away safely. Not getting even forum replies makes me worry.
    I was very pleased and surprised by the samples they sent '
    sent a friend request--do you know how to accept requests?? better learn,, Time for you to make your 'intro' thread for the welcome section=----need help?
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