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    Review: 510nm Direct Green Diodes / Build Photos (DGH-N1, DGH-N2)

    Damn it! I'm just finding out about these? I stop coming around here in a last ditch effort to save my wallet from dying of malnutrition (he's lost so much weight), finally come back thinking alright its gotta be out of my system by now, I can look at least, maybe even put some stuff up for...
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    10% Blucigs.com Quality electronic cigarette!

    Yeah, unfortunately there are only 5 flavors in the stock blu ATM, I like the vanilla alot, and the cherry is pretty good too, but the rest of the stock blu I cant really stomach unless I just gotta smoke and am out of the good ones. I can make a full flavor stock cart last around two days or...
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    HeNe Laser Lamp! Portable/Battery operated!

    Thanks for the kind words hak, +rep returned! Yeah that PS is nice and compact, but when I bought it from meredith it was only $39.99, IDK why they jacked it up so much:undecided: Always check ebay, that is like the #1 source for surplus HeNe items, I can probably make a nice working setup...
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    10% Blucigs.com Quality electronic cigarette!

    The 510 is a pretty nice model, I was looking into it as well as the volcano models before I purchased the blu. I mainly went with blu because of all the flashy ads and the fact that I liked alot of its features, mainly inhalation activates the atty without using any switches or buttons, and of...
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    10% Blucigs.com Quality electronic cigarette!

    Hey guys, not laser related but I thought Id share this discount code: blucigforum that I obtained from its namesake. Pretty nice product, though the folks at the forum have some better suggestions. Regardless, the product was very pleasing to me and well worth the cash so if any of you smokers...
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    DragonLasers - Bad Experience

    I have had some pretty great experiences with DL in the past and would/do recommend them to alot of people, I had to wait an unexpectedly long time for my viper to ship out last year and when I sent an email to frank about it, the laser was shipped a few days later by TNT express, it arrived 4...
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    How many hours a week do you use a laser?

    I keep a low powered green or red on me almost all the time for random everyday usage. It would be impossible for me to carry around my whole collection though, especially the HeNes. But yes, messing with them in a dark room is pretty fun, but I prefer to take them outside...
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    How many hours a week do you use a laser?

    Depends on the day and what else (if anything) I have to do, ive used handhelds for hours on really foggy nights, and I will leave my green labby that is on my desk blasting away at the wall across the room for hours while I work on something, and I have let my HeNes burn for quite awhile too...
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    My 1W laser pistol (prototype)

    So is there any updates on this project, was hoping to see some pics of it in action, at least a beamshot...
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    1w 445nm comparable with? (visibility)

    It can be tricky when comparing IMO, just the other day I was trying to compare 400mw of green to >1W of 445nm, and while the green beam was brighter, the blue just seemed more pronounced, or atleast more of an 'eye catcher'. A few of my friends had different opinions as well, the consensus...
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    Hey simon, just wanted to say that the story in your sig made me very sad, I have signed the...

    Hey simon, just wanted to say that the story in your sig made me very sad, I have signed the petition and am sending it to all my friends. There is alot of unfair practices in the world today that many people dont even hear of, but then something like this snaps you back to reality. Anyway just...
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    200mW of green for $125 shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ordered one of these last week and it came a few days ago, very nice laser. 312mW peak with around 260mW continuous and very stable once it warms up, my basement is very cold with the A/C but I bet this will behave even better in a warmer enviorment. Dont have any IR filters yet but I'd say...
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    foil 445 warning labels for sale

    Labels came a few days ago, also said IIIb as well but its no problem, very professional design and looks great on the lasers, would buy more!
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    A little on my Novalux 488nm DPSS. *PICS.*

    If you do manage to source them please share:D Id love to be able to get one of these lasers up and running!
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    [Optotronics] RPL-260 Review.

    You can get them from glenn for real cheap in the GB section of the forum, click on GB #10 for more info, #10 is already ordered but #11 is rumored to be starting shortly. Or you can click the CNI banner ad at the top of the forum page, find the laser you want, and send an email to...