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Recent content by Juniortore1

  1. Juniortore1

    But Will It Blend?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQlM64sK0JE Pest control with Spyder S3 Arctic Laser - YouTube
  2. Juniortore1

    Aurora Host Extensions wanted!

    Thanks, a reply! Yes, doubling them things up is a good idea for long modules, or big drivers that wont fit with one. I will ask around a bit.
  3. Juniortore1

    Aurora Host Extensions wanted!

    Well, I killed a microboost driver when trying to assemble my host together. Somehow it got stuck, bent the leads on my diode, shorted the driver and now I have a $30 bill compressed into 2cm^2 that I cannot repair or get back... I ended up making a lm317 driver because I do not have any paypal...
  4. Juniortore1

    :gh: .

    :gh: .
  5. Juniortore1

    (Video Added)The worlds most powerful handheld 445. 3.5W 2 LD array

    For sure the best homemade handheld of its power and color that I have seen
  6. Juniortore1

    10 diode 445 build

    Wow, if only I could get my hands on that thing!
  7. Juniortore1

    Avoid some hassle

    I would not know. I have not been on the forums in a couple months, nothing new in my laser world yet. Hopefully there will be soon.
  8. Juniortore1

    Just dropped my 445 c6... oops

    For a lens, I have a 445nm lens from rayfoss. www.rayfoss.com You can get two of them for only 13 dollars The beam stays pretty small at distances. Much better than whatever coated lens that was previously in the build. Only con about it is that the lens is half threaded. So, you can either...
  9. Juniortore1

    445nm on the cheap

    Lazereer makes a lot of 445nm builds.
  10. Juniortore1

    250mW 660nm Custom build

    Fantastic! I dropped it and its now LED.... FANFUKINTASTIC! Well, it looks like I will have to re-list this thread. Well, Im not wasting my time fixing it for the same mW, I am going to get an LPC-826 to throw in here for 300mW+ @InfinitusEquitas I am happy to hear it is a reasonable price. I...
  11. Juniortore1

    250mW 660nm Custom build

    Yes, and then I polished it. Its rough, yet shiny... I like it at least
  12. Juniortore1

    250mW 660nm Custom build

    your sure 75 is reasonable? Where would I get it metered? -------------------------------------------------------- Update: Price dropped to $70
  13. Juniortore1

    250mW 660nm Custom build

    There, The price has been lowered. As expected, this is not for somebody looking for the cheapest red laser on the market. This is for somebody who appreciates a nice one of a kind quality build. I cannot drop the price any more as it cost nearly the same price in parts as the sales price...
  14. Juniortore1

    250mW 660nm Custom build

    31 views and no comments... :(
  15. Juniortore1

    ***Survival Laser Discount Code & LPF Deals on Special Laser Bundles***

    Great items you have there. I really need a focusing ring for my 445 so I do not always burn my fingers :p