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    Any Balisong/Buttefly Knife Flippers?

    got some flick-knifes, anything else is illegal here (butterfly knives etc.)
  2. hugo999999

    Upgrading Graphics card any suggestions?

    lol i got it half price through an education tax refund so it was actually pretty cheap :) i was upgrading from a 4870
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    Upgrading Graphics card any suggestions?

    i too have just upgraded to a hd6870, its a beautiful card. i have a phenom x4 black edition 3.2ghz with it btw.
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    I can see only little red light

    we seriously need a sticky about the dangers of IR light in greenies. just too many people having cheap Chinese ones burning out and looking into the apparent dim light (not sure if thsi guy has might've been caught in time).
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    WTS 200MW 473nm labby

    Re: WTS 200MW 488 labby interested, need to know price, location, wanna see some pics :yh:
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    Upgrading Graphics card any suggestions?

    yep laptop cards are built around the cpu to use a single heatsink usually. you would find it very hard to upgrade. also theres no way you are gonna get anything decent for $60...
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    Wth does DX use for shipping

    lately DX has really started to annoy me, ill buy something and it will be in stock but then they will send me a message saying it isn't and i have to wait about a month. either that or my item just never gets packaged and sits there weeks until i cancel it.
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    Which laser printer would best suit our company?

    this is a laser pointer forum not a printer forum... :banned:
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    How healthy are your batteries? (How to measure internal resistance)

    this is really handy to know, i'm just scared to try it on my batteries (they are pretty old and would probably explode :), came from a laptop). they would probably be several 100 milliohm anyway haha
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    Please help me compare.

    green would be extremely brighter then the rest, next up the 445nm most likely
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    DX Shipping modules again?

    i can confirm they are, one arrived about 3 days ago :)
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    Help please ! .....

    do your own research!!! listen to the other members, they're not going to spoonfeed you
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    Where do I get Tritium?

    yes tritium is the isotope Hydrogen-3, and therefore a gas at room temperature so would need to be contained somehow
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    don't worry mate, i've got them in small plastic boxes inside the metal one :)