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    Reflection beneath or above water ?

    Part of the ray is reflected back, and part of it enters the water with a bent angle (refraction). Here's a nice reading on the subject: https://scienceeasylearning.wordpress.com/2015/05/25/refraction-of-light-snells-law-refractive-index/
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    DTR's Laser Shop - Laser Diodes & More

    Hi Jordan! Is the N465nm coming back anytime soon? I doppred mine and it broke, been waiting for months to replace it :(
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    I might be! I just would like to know the lens options as well.

    I might be! I just would like to know the lens options as well.
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    NUBM0AT 465nm 4.75W

    Please see if they can offer N465 diodes too! I would be so interested :)
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    Review on Laserpointerstore's Pocket LPM

    Full disclosure: I received this LPM free of charge for the purpose of reviewing it. Hi All, Today I am reviewing the 10W Pocket LPM by LaserPointerStore. A little bit of history about this LPM: The first version was released in August of 2017. To put in simple terms, it received a lot of...
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    Diode glitch.

    Marco I am actually really intersected in following up news about this diode lol. Keep us updated. Let's give it a name shall we :) ?
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    Sharp 488 VS Tiffany blue

    I like the host, quite unique. How long is the duty cycle?
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    FS: Sanwu Laser store - RGB handheld lasers, 405nm,445nm,465nm,470nm,505nm,515nm,520nm,525nm,635nm,650nm

    Re: FS: Sanwu Laser store - R/G/B handhelds x3 BE & Stainless steel "The Spiker" rele Is the duty cycle for the 490nm pocket still only 30 sec? It just doesn't make sense that it has the same cycle as the 800mW ones :thinking:
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    Cheap way to measure laser wavelength

    Wondering if that will work with higher powered lasers or if it will melt the diffraction grating. It has to be focused to get accurate results so unfocusing it probably won't be an option.
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    Put that waste-heat to use!

    I use my lasers' waste heat as handwarmers ;)
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    My Laser is a Hipster Who Vapes Cardboard Ejuice and Blows Mad O's!

    Thank you all for your sweet comments, and sorry about the vertical filming I just noticed how inferior it is lol Yes! He did an awesome job putting it together and I think I got quite lucky with the diode. The host itself is made of a brass and aluminum, quite heavy but I can't decide the...
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    My Laser is a Hipster Who Vapes Cardboard Ejuice and Blows Mad O's!

    So today I noticed that my laser likes to do vaping tricks... I will leave you with the video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AJbBQ0Nfs4 And yes that was a flame that popped out in the last few seconds. This thing is crazy powerful.
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    Enchanted Beams Thread

    Fantastic as usual :) With this cold weather, do you bother with duty cycles
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    Knockoff Saber 1.6W small review.

    I take your opinion would be the same for the full copper Sanwu hosts? I am almost set on buying a full copper Challenger II (when they revert to the N465), but man without the reverse battery protection and the fact that as you said it will tarnish I might opt for a limited duty cycle aluminum...
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    Knockoff Saber 1.6W small review.

    I appreciate the shine and glow of the silver but man it looks all dented to my eyes lol.