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    200mW focusable blue-purple laser too good to be true?

    What do you expect for $30 :p
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    200mW focusable blue-purple laser too good to be true?

    It's true... Most Chinese stores just make up power numbers that have nothing to do with real life output :P My 200 mW greenie is super freekin bright and leaves a nice beam and that's all I really care about... It's probably 50-75 mW but that's all I needed. My blue one I have no idea what...
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    200mW focusable blue-purple laser too good to be true?

    I have that exact same laser... Got it from DX... Thats the same DX pictures and description so it's probably a DX site as said above. It burns good, it's more purple/UV than blue... I have some videos of it lighting matches on youtube. It works well if you focus it to a tight point and you...
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    LaserShow Xpress Users

    Could post some pics that might be helpful.. I use QS so I don't know a lot about your hardware or software but try lowering your scanning speed and make sure your channels are outputting on the right pins.. Make sure your not using a crossover cable or something weird....
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    Laser Show Safety -There's an App for That

    Heh you point your camera at the show and if it burns out the MPE is too high :p
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    REKE-500RGB @ LasersMan 209$* Shipped

    I made a DMX guide (text) and a Freestyler fixture for that unit. It's attached to my review in the sticky in the reviews section. That should fill you in on any missing details. I wanted to get a neat panel like that but I ended up going for the PC DMX controller and then moved to ILDA. I...
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    REKE-500RGB @ LasersMan 209$* Shipped

    I got DMX working fine with mine... Most people get the thing confused because they think they have to set the address seperate from the DMX dip switches... I uploaded some DMX info in my OP in the review section in the sticky.
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    RGB laser..

    If you want something small and cheap the Casa CTL-CM is a good candidate at around $150. If you can spare a bit more space the Reke 500RGB is a good choice at $210 and offers 7 colors and animation capabilities. If you want to spend closer to a grand you can find some higher end laser...
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    A WARNING to US sellers shipping internationally

    I had to replace an xbox motherboard back in the day and the part was $150 and UPS charged me $50 in brokerage.
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    RGB laser..

    Laser shows are the best and Qlimax looks awesome... There are many options... It really depends on your budget... How much are you willing to spend?
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    RGB laser..

    Which vid did you watch? You should, they are tons of fun :)
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    A WARNING to US sellers shipping internationally

    I had a showwx pico projector sent to me via a reshipping service and I think the USPS lost it... It was untracked and uninsured so I guess I'm screwed.
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    iPad 3!

    I liked my iPad for web browsing and e-mail sometimes while lying in bed, though I haven't really used it since I got my Playbook since it fits in my jacket pocket so I always have it with me.
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    Is Time Really A Factor?

    Why not just buy a less powerful laser or buy a bright led if you want a giant spot.
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    Eye protection - complete range ?

    Lots of things can reflect that aren't mirrors... Metal tools, foil wrappers, things like that... You have to do a thorough survey of the projection area and establish a safe zone where you can stand but have no chance of getting a beam in the eye. EDIT: This is the reason you can safely watch...