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  1. Gryphon

    11W blue laser "hell burner". Hello from Russia ;)

    Thats superb, i love what it did to that spring
  2. Gryphon

    Xbox360 dt0811

    Thats a fairly old pick-up from a HD DVD drive that used to be sold as an add-on to the xbox 360 when Blu-Ray and HD DVD were still competing to win the HD market. That sled will have two diodes, the one with fewer pins is the only one of value. It will produce a 80~90mW laser at 405nm with...
  3. Gryphon

    Amazon shipped my batteries USPS

    Thats a very small lipo battery, a single unprotected cell, maybe 100mAh or so
  4. Gryphon

    Video Ads

    So far the ones i have dont have any sound, but its good to know just in case. Thanks
  5. Gryphon

    Quadcopter Builds

    Re: Mini Quadcopter Thats a great little kit you got there, real shame about having to wait for new props, i know what thats like. Mine are wooden drawer handles, very un-shock absorbant :p
  6. Gryphon

    Go to any YouTube video..

    click anywhere in the white border, then type 1337, it will change the type in the comments.
  7. Gryphon

    Oblivion (movie) laser shots

    Saw it twice in theatres and picked it up yesterday, very good movie indeed :D
  8. Gryphon

    Mini Laser CNC

    The motors are bipolar so they only have 4 wires. All i had to do was use a multimeter to figure out which wires were paired up and them hook them up tp the drivers accordingly(the pads are marked for each of the two phases). After that all you have to do is apply 5v to its power input and use...
  9. Gryphon

    Mini Laser CNC

    Yup, i just drilled two holes into the sled in places that had the most material and then screwed in the small peice of particle board to make the decks. I had to use 6 washers underneath eack deck to make them level and to raise them up slightly to clear the wiring for the motor.
  10. Gryphon

    Mini Laser CNC

    I just finished a little 2 axis laser etcher of sorts. It uses sleds from dvd drives and is controlled by an Arduino. I am by no means a good programmer so the code that controls it is more than likely horribily ineffecient, but i am happy that it works. So far ive made three different...
  11. Gryphon

    Dark background now??

    I didn't know you could change the color, mine has been a dark grey for as long as ive been here.
  12. Gryphon

    Old CD-DVD Burner

    The writing diode will be 780nm. Ive built a laser with a cd rewriter once before, i set it conservatively at 100mA and it was enough to do the usual burning tricks when properly focused (pop balloons, light matches, cut tape). It is a near infrared wavelength and is very deceiving with its...
  13. Gryphon

    holy diodes !

    ^Im willing to bet that even that wont work, you would probably end up with some crazy looking circular interferrence pattern.
  14. Gryphon

    The eyes are getting old...

    Looks neat, just dont answer the door for the mailman with that still on your head and the light shining in his face :crackup: