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    Another Bad Customer

    +rep Just wanted to say that you are absolutely right. Couldn't have said it better myself. If I am selling something, I would rather put a disclaimer for any unforseen issues or possible delays or even just put that the package will take 3 weeks to ship vs 1 week to ship. Yeah maybe some...
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    Another Bad Customer

    Good point. Should have done that in the first place. Here you go...
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    Another Bad Customer

    Hey Eitan, I ordered about the same time as the guy who is complaining and my tracking is still showing no info but I'm not going all ballistic on you. Things happen and I now know that there was a long holiday in Israel. I also looked up Israel post on google and it seems they got fined...
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    Hi Eitan. Just wanted to say you are the best. Thanks! -Phil-

    Hi Eitan. Just wanted to say you are the best. Thanks! -Phil-
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    GIVEAWAY-Mtype M140 Laser Diode

    Is the drawing still open? If so sign me up!
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    Thanks for the rep!

    Thanks for the rep!
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    Win a laser in the Forum Donations Fundraiser Contest

    Great idea laser chick! I donated 10 dollars for 2 entries. Thank you!
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    What happened to NOVAlasers?

    Where did I double post? I purchased a 2.8w 445 arcane 2.0 I hear you about the israel post. I did pay for expedited shipping but who knows if that will make much of a difference. I am so excited t get it I just wish it didn't take so long. I see where it is. On mobile browser it doesn't...
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    SOLD -Thank You- Tripod to hold your laser

    Re: For Sale: Tripod to hold your laser Hey I like them. Might pick myself up one for my incoming laser. Are these new?
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    What happened to NOVAlasers?

    How do I add it to my profile? I only see Private Messages Subscribed Threads Thanks. And yeah I've seen numerous people saying the same thing about shipping time being quite long. I did do upgraded shipping but it's always a holiday in israel and the current one ends on the 6th of october...
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    Win a laser in the Forum Donations Fundraiser Contest

    Hi everyone! New LPF member here. Been lurking for a while though. Do I have enough rep to enter this contest? Thanks for the info.
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    What happened to NOVAlasers?

    Hey Alan! thanks for the reply. When did the new laws come into play about the 5mw max lasers?
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    What happened to NOVAlasers?

    Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be here with such an amazing community of people. I live in portland, Oregon and have been here most of my life. I was just curious if anyone knew what had happened to novalasers. They had great quality lasers and recently I was in the market for amother laser...
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    What happened to NOVAlasers?

    So back in 2006 I purchased a 185 mw green laser from nova lasers which still works to this day. Recently i checked Their website and its down. When did they go out of business? Anyone have any insider news or info into what happened?
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    Laserpointerpro.com ~ 100mw-6000mw Laser Pointers, UP TO 50% OFF

    Just for others to see, stay away from this company. Just google laserpointerpro scams and look at bbb reviews. The only reviews on their site are 4 and 5 star reviews because they only allow those reviews to stay. Also the majority of those happy with their order are probably a little...