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    Physics experiment with coil gun / gauss gun

    Thanks for the replies. Ive just gone with a disposable camera set up because its relatively easy to find information on. Im not very good with electronics, which is a brick wall Id like to get over. Im down to just the flash circuit on the camera. I have discharged the capacitor (although Im...
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    Physics experiment with coil gun / gauss gun

    Hello everyone I am looking to do a physics experiment for electromagnetic induction and I think it owuld be interesting to do it on a coil gun / gauss gun. I have seen many youtube guides and such showing how to build them using disposable cameras, however Im wondering how I can make one...
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    Im going to hong kong, Any lasers?

    I went to Thailand last year and I brought back a "200mW" greenie (took the label off) They didnt scan my bag though. Try to declare something, and they might not scan your bag. If they do scan it and find it, say you didnt know they are illegal and they will just tell you not to bring them in...
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    delays with Australia post?

    The posties in my area are inherantly lazy. I sat at home one day waiting for an important parcel, didnt come all day. Went to check the mail, there was a slip saying "sorry, we missed you!" bs, lazy postman cbf getting off his bike and giving me my package
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    Thai protester shot dead after aiming green laser at troops

    I cant give specifics here, but I can speculate. I was in Bangkok in December, and there was heaps and heaps of shops selling lasers. I personally purchased a "200mW" laser for $20 (although after we agreed on $20 for 200mW they tried to give me a 20mW one...), which I can say does have quite a...
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    A goodbye with sadness from Kenom

    D: :(
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    My Genuine work ID

    Hahahaha, this is excellent man!
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    Talk me out of it

    For sure man! I can only pay by bank transfer though :| Long story about the whole paypal thing... the TL;DR of the issue is that paypal is nice until its mean. then its just evil
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    Talk me out of it

    I'll take care of your old baby for you :D
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    Talk me out of it

    So lets say you happen to get your LG laser... You're RPL would be up for sale... right ? :D:D:D:D:D I would be happy to take it off your hands (Im an aussie, so it would be a great cause)
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    Homeland Security Bill Passed

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    help installing car strobe lights

    thanks for the help everyone... haha yeah, im not using them like when driving. Im gonna shove em in my boot or (if I can find a 12V power pack) hook em up in my house do have a phat ass party lol
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    help installing car strobe lights

    would it be possible to install it inside like my house so i can run it off a powerpoint?
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    help installing car strobe lights

    Now I either suck at googling or nobody has ever written a how-to on how to do this, I think the first one is correct :) They are similar to this (although not exact... same control box but with bigger/more lights. not aquired from DX though...)DealExtreme: $16.36 Police Style Car 12V 6-LED...
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    Sending laser PARTS into AU.

    mate you live in gold coast? me too lol where abouts on the coast?