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    I was looking into AW batteries recently. I haven't seen them mentioned anywhere in a while and I couldn't find any for sale. I came across a post on a flashlight forum that said they are no longer in business.
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    I need some translations

    Lol. This is the OT area. I've had this short idea for a couple weeks and knew there's members here from around the world. I just need to decide on a translation to use.
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    I need some translations

    Greek could work and would probably really make people wonder wtf. It probably also has a lower chance of being easily translated by someone that would get offended by the F word.
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    I need some translations

    I'm having a shirt made with a silhouette of Samual Jackson from Pulp Fiction. I want the quote "English mother f...er, do you speak it?" on it. I want it in a different language though. Something other than Spanish. Can any of you help provide a legitimate translation to another language?
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    sharp 488s

    WWhen I mean around, I'm talking about +/- 0.5nm
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    sharp 488s

    All of them were bought from techhood in 3 different transactions. One each in September, October, and November 2018. I'll be posting pictures for sure once I get it installed in something. I also have one of these and it was right around 488...
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    sharp 488s

    I was able to spectro the 3 diodes I have today. They are 480, 486, and 490. The 480 was a nice surprise. Now I've got to find a nice host for it.
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    589 MilkyWay

    Great picture. I love my CNI 80mW 589.
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    Neither the previous president or the current are worth a :poop:. That's all I gotta say.
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    "Burning Man" festival may be getting too big

    I saw something about that a while ago. I understand the trash problem. Barriers though? You're in the middle of BFE. No need for barriers.
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    My saber collection.

    I was thinking about that myself. Picking one to use will be the hardest part. I'm thinking a 1W green diode is what will be installed in it.
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    My saber collection.

    I have 4 operational and 2 empties at the moment. All of these are from Saberforge. L to R: Guardian - This is one of 3 mystery sabers I bought. Turns out mine is slightly different than what's available on the website. I kind of like that since it makes it unique. Ares - This was my first one...
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    New "505"nm diodes

    I have 5, maybe 6 of these diodes on hand right now. One of the I bought September 2018 from newgazer. It has no markings around the window. I just got 5 more in the mail from a different seller. All of them have SB278DG91 around the window. If I can get a driver on time, I plan on having all of...
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    Bitcoin Discussion

    As I told someone else on FB, I think I'll pass on something that would become useless when EMP weapons are used.
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    Lumia pics

    Looks good. I have a battery powered one with 660, 532, 450, and 405. With cheap diodes around 488 and 520 now, I may have to add those two.