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    Welcome! I'd be interested to hear what you're thinking about regarding hunting.
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    Out of curiosity, why does it interest you? Seems to me it'd be a lot cheaper (and make more sense) to snag a decent flashlight. Like a streamlight 88040, $20 more than the phosphorce (if diy or alt costs similar) and likely to be way more efficient.
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    What music does LPF listen to?

    Neurofunk dnb and a little electroswing have been my latest obsession.
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    So I'm taking this road trip...

    Ha HA! I'm online! In portland, OR. No really, suggestions are good, as I've got the time to stop. I'd love to meet mastershake. Absolutely.
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    So I'm taking this road trip...

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    Seller refusing to sell.

    Although none of us seem to use grammar like adults. I've had more trouble reading replies in this thread because of missing apostrophes, switching too and to...
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    FS: RPL Blue 15mW - 473nm blue laser pointer - Optotronics

    Oh lookit you, sellin a las0r. Honestly you probably shouldn't have stickied this thread, I (and I'm sure I'm not alone) tend to ignore most of the stickies if I've read them in the past. Can you wait to sell this so next week you'll have it for my visit? Come on.... :D
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    How do you store your laser collection?

    I have a single pelican case, not unlike Tech_Junkie's case that's for everything. Various electronic parts are in various drawers of various desks. :S
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    Tetris + Laser Harp

    Please play dueling banjos, with lasers. Yes. Oh yes. Btw that smiley is the "Awesome Smiley".
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    Blue laser weapon sight? (noob questions)

    My current project: http://i55.tinypic.com/208cnfd.jpg It's a .338 Lapua Magnum. If there was some way to accurately mount and calibrate a laser for say, 1500yd zero, I'd do it. On pistols and some rifles there's a laser sight that mounts in the bore for the most accurate sighting. I wish...
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    Epic avatar, great movie, great scene.

    Epic avatar, great movie, great scene.
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    how to make laser burn (pics later) (noob here)

    Can't burn with anything less than ~70mw really. 5mw isn't going to do squat, any color.
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    FIRST FULL COLOR RUN 2.5w self built projector

    Ok. That's it. I need new pants. The red and yellow stripe one was :O
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    Laser gun fires like gun, not like HPL made into a gun

    So everyone else gets a response except the guy that likes the Master Shake. I feel so left out. Fine... PEW PEW.
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    LPM dedicated forum section?

    It could always be a subforum of something else like the tutorials, help & Repairs section.