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    DIY Green Laser Sight (for Handguns)?

    If you do this, don't go shining your laser at people... As far as I am aware, green lasers aren't very suitable for this application. They rely on precision alignment of the internal components, and repeated jerks from the recoil could easily damage them. I would imagine that part of the...
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    4 Lightsabers from Star Wars by Master Replicas

    I have some full scale limited edition prop replica's. They must be about 10 years old, still in the covered cases. I think skywalker and vader. They'll definitely be more pricey than the ones above, but I don't know what they're worth. If you know what they're worth (or how to find out) and...
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    Buying a 100mA Laser Driver

    http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/lava-micro-flexdrive-driver-lavadrive2-fits-pens-22502.html Any driver like this will work, but these are well designed. He will even ship them "pre set" on the order page. What 405nm diode are you using? Good luck!
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    Boat FS in SE WI / NE Illinois

    Where do the lasers go? jk Maybe you should split the profit with your friend? Unless you saved his (butt) big time and he owes you!
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    Warning: Do not buy/sell/trade with BlueFushion

    I want it to be known that the $20,000 figure was made up to prove a point, a hyperbole of sorts. Anybody who commented on my saying that, please don't think of it as being serious. If BF had 0 intention of paying you guys back you would never hear from him again, or see his account logged...
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    Omg, cool! I have a visitor message on my profile!

    Omg, cool! I have a visitor message on my profile!
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    Geek Phones - Verizon?? What would you recommend

    Switching providers isn't an option at this point as I'm on a verizon business plan. I mean, I could switch, but then I'd have to pay for it, and who wants to do that! Thanks for the input though!
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    Geek Phones - Verizon?? What would you recommend

    Basically, it's about time I replace my old cell phone. It's missing a battery case, has a crack in the plastic, and for christ sake it doesn't even play videos! In a perfect world I would definitely get an iphone, but leaving verizon is not an option. "hacking" a phone to work on a CDMA...
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    CNI lasers = DL 95 vs X100

    I would order from nova. I don't have experience with DL, but i've NEVER had a single issue with nova. Everything i've ever ordered from them (except for once when I ordered on christmas eve) has been shipped out quickly. All products are way above spec, documented, tested, you can pay for...
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    Warning: Do not buy/sell/trade with BlueFushion

    This is so sad. I have not been active on the forum for a very long time, but I paid very close attention to this situation when it first came to light and while it was at it's peak. He did not start with the intention of stealing anybodies money. BlueFusion is an australian teenager who got...
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    Looking for assembly service - Paying

    Pretty much committed to Dark by this point. Thanks to everyone who has replied. ~Dingle
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    Looking for assembly service - Paying

    PMing the user who started that thread, thanks alot. Really helps.
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    Looking for assembly service - Paying

    Due to health problems I've given up most of my laser hobby, but still have some unused parts laying around I wanted to put to use. I have a bluray sled (803t), an original kenom barrel, and 5 un-assembled BlueFusion blueray/red drivers. I would like to send all these to someone and receive a...
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    Pump diode for CNI Pen style lasers

    Most laser re-sellers will offer service on their products if you ask (reputable ones atleast) They could probably send you the exact diode or replace it for a fee.
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    Multi-Element GB (feeler)

    I wish I had a Kryptonite cross, because then you could keep both Dracula AND Superman away ~Jack Handy