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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    Just checking in to clarify - I received an $85 refund on the 3rd March - my original payment was $215 for 2 Grooves and a Beast. I'm showing in your table as Orange - refunded, and haven't received any items. Does this mean you'll be sending another payment in the next batch or is something...
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    Just witnessed this on TV here in Korea

    I'd have been all Snack Man on that: (not really, my passive-observer instinct is overwhelming)
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    If you can turn them into e-cigs, go for it - a refund is probably a better idea in that case.
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    I got my refund for the Beast yesterday. Thanks for coming through on that part of the deal, I can only imagine the year you've had. Do you plan on refunding for the Kryton barrel too, or to send me a pair of barrels? I'm not meaning to put any pressure on, just wondering what you plan on doing...
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    As for my order, if you have 2 black or clear Krytons then I'd be happy to accept them, but I'd rather not wait on the Beast. Let me know whether you'd prefer to send the barrels and refund the beast, or would rather refund in full - I don't mind either way.
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    Still waiting for Krytons here (+a Beast too, I think. It's been so long I barely remember!), no email contact from him.
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    New Phone

    I've heard good things about the Galaxy S 2 but it seems like the Galaxy Nexus might be worth the extra £40 - higher-resolution screen again, faster processor, newer model, ICS by default. The lower-resolution camera, and apparent lack of memory card expansion/usb data mode, seem to be odd...
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    New Phone

    Hello LPF - it's been a while. I've been away working on other projects: http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRap - Prusa Mendel Things involving LiPo batteries - Quadrotor Blade Test - Clamped - YouTube Things involving even bigger motors: imgur: the simple image sharer Things involving lots of code...
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    Problems with LPF loading

    Not sure if you've already considered solutions like this, but I've found it to be a good way of handling potentially malicious users and cutting down on bandwidth: http://www.cloudflare.com/ It's not a "conventional" solution, but it's low-maintenance and simple for a smaller site, and might...
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    Why Your Getting DDoS-ed

    50,000/100 is 500x (a 50,000% increase) actually, not 100%. A full lunch attack does sound pretty tasty though. "(really sad that took your site down :P)" - do you think that a fairly small site needs to be able to handle 100mbps throughput sustained? My site with several thousand monthly...
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    "in the can" = idiom for "on the toilet", or is there something I'm missing/differences in slang? Still waiting on a couple of hundred dollars worth of parts, no contact with Kenom. Has anyone tried to contact him to get news, or had contact with him outside of LPF? I take it that his situation...
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    I'd already discharged it completely - opening a cell which has been overcharged under water would be a bad idea, there might some metallic lithium, but when they're completely discharged it's safe to open them under water - I wasn't certain of the chemistry though, hence gloves and plenty of...
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    Using a crookes radiometer as a LPM

    RC helicopter people use a simple meter which has a photodiode and just counts the "pulses" of light it observes (off when blade overhead, on otherwise, pulses per minute/number of blades = RPM). Obviously only works in sunlight/incandescent light and has to respond pretty fast, but it works...
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    The "Elder Beam" - DIY 635nm 500mW (Ancient Light's Twin)

    Digital Multi-cell Lithium Battery Voltage LED Display for R/C Models - Free Shipping - DealExtreme or similar device.
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    Gah, I was literally watching his videos when he took it down. Can anyone summarise his leaving videos - not enjoying the pressure/atmosphere of YouTube? I'm assuming it's actually him talking to the camera, not faked?