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  • HEY you==

    sent you an invite

    just sent it again.

    Send mr a PM & get me up to date..Len
    Saw your wishlist, I am thinking about a keychain from lazerer (5/30/50/100mn 532)
    LZTN - 532nm 50mW Smallest Green Laser Pointer

    I saw some $260 (ir&gree&blue) and many more certified sites if your interested..
    •And goggles OEM laser systems, ARG (uv 532 445 no IR)
    •There are un-certified tested eagle-pair Eagle Pair® 190-540nm & 800-2000nm Laser Safety Goggles
    •There might be some ML7 broad spectrum floating around (try contacting OEM)

    Hope you do better :beer:
    Hope as you are reading this VM it finds you doing better.
    Sending you a new invite that may make you smile--hak
    welcome- nice to have another pilot at the forums we have a few others plus some TSA guys IIRC-- You can get lower power greens for a member who needs to sell- your location helps get you in touch with many.. Infinitus equatis is often selling his to buy more and he is near NYC too so.. ask him ..len(new friend)
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