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  • Updated my profile. I help operate a fairly busy night club and also have been testing the Reke-01's (and other units) for the live DJ / Glo bowl at one of the regions busiest Bowling Alley's. Both owned by my family, so I kind of backed into both as a knowledegable novice, but because of crowd demands and obvious revenue I have now have the task of becoming the local expert. Also trying to educate other locations and bands of course.

    I'll be shooting some videos of the modded Reke-01's over the next few weeks. I'm going to be dropping a 500mW 628 in one, and have 1watt blues running in another. The Diodes are absurdly easy to swap out if that's the problem with yours.
    I was just reading your post about crowd scans--
    could you put your location in your profile?
    Sounds like you are in the US but where we are located makes a diff on what we read and post-- I looked back over some of your other posts too.
    I like the way you used the china RG stepper PJs for Liq. Sky= I have two that are not working right anyway so I will try that-- thanks--if you do any gigs near Houston drop me I line I will come and help set-up..
    I am about to do a GB for a sweet ChiJector that also makes very nice lumia too.

    Great quality also-- not from a dropshipper- the thread is in the Deals section-- V/R hak
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