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    Laser experiment

    Paul if he ran a set of diodes at the same wattage, and assuming he kept the lens at a certain standard of focus to have similar power dens. Would then he be able to compare the effects of the spectral power of having a blue laser pop through something much faster or at a further distance than a...
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    Website Services up for trade

    I totally agree. The nice thing is, I'm still trying to create a nice portfolio so I don't charge much and am doing it mostly for the experience :)
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    Website Services up for trade

    Hey I am new here, and slowly learning about the laser lifestyle you all have adopted :) So, I am a Web Developer and make websites and web technologies for local companies in my local area. So if any of you enthusiasts, are looking for any Website services, I am more than happy to trade my...
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    Website Service for any of you Laser enthusiasts!

    Hey Atharv here, Quick Intro: I am a rookie to the laser world, but learning more and more everyday, and I am looking a way to contribute to this robust community. So I am a Web Developer and Computer Science fanatic and love it as much as you guys love your diodes and drivers. I am offering...
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    Avatar's SL Repair

    Once again thank you so much for everything and I really was taken back by how awesome the customer service from Gary was so thank you!
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    Is there a key-lock switch for this host?

    Title says it all, I want to be able to lock my laser with a key and turn it on only when it is unlocked. I know those cheap green lasers from china come with them in the back so here is the host: DIY Stainless Steel Host Assembly, Extended and Tapered Heat Sink, Unmarked Here is the china...
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    Jet lasers Pl-E Pro 532 "300mw"

    Any rough estimates for what you are looking for based on how old it is and quality?
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    Pokémon GO

    I found a way to GPS bounce in game from location to location without getting banned or raising any flags :D
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    Lifetime317 Reviews anyone?

    Just an update: Lifetime has been super fantastic and is constantly updating me to keep me sane. There were tons of problems from my end and hes just been awesome about working with me to fix them! Also I'd like to give a shoutout to Survival Laser and Gary: he gave me a new diode and driver...
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    Lifetime317 Reviews anyone?

    Hey I am sending my laser to Lifetime317 and I heard its a good idea to hear feedback from the vets if its a good idea since I am a newbie here. He seems really nice and trustworthy and obviously has a lot of rep power, but the only thing that is sketching me out is that he had me pay through...
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    Laser Help for my 2W m140 base

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5TkGmfMjsrMZkdxaXZPRDZHVjA Here are Pictures
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    Laser Help for my 2W m140 base

    Hey, I just really messed up while trying to strip some wires I pulled one of the wires out of the diode and now I have no idea on how to open it up to resolder it, if still possible. I have my build in one of my original thread and I am just wondering if anyone on this forum is willing to just...
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    Need help with my Laser

    Can the diode get damaged from this?
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    Need help with my Laser

    DTR's 2W M140
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    Need help with my Laser

    So silly me lent my laser to my friend for a camping trip and it came back non functional. What was weird was if you twisted the cylinder between the driver connection to the diode it would sometimes turn on, which makes me think i twisted the wires badly while screwing it all together. I...