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Website Service for any of you Laser enthusiasts!


New member
May 24, 2015
Hey Atharv here,

Quick Intro: I am a rookie to the laser world, but learning more and more everyday, and I am looking a way to contribute to this robust community.

So I am a Web Developer and Computer Science fanatic and love it as much as you guys love your diodes and drivers.

I am offering Web Development services in exchange for anything cool you have like a cool laser build or money.

And if you're just needing some advice, or little help dealing with some obnoxious errors; I got you covered: no charge :)

I also do cool custom projects, for example this is a smart lock I made!

Smock (Your Very Own Smart Lock)

I have done websites for local businesses and also some cool names like CSUN's Alpha Phi's Sorority!

I've also done E-Commerce so I got you covered there too :D

If you want some examples or any questions, my digital doors are opened for you!