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    The Little Diode That Could

    Thanks for the update. I'm thinking who will last longer, the power supply or the diode?
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    Veterans and Memorial Days- and SELEM and members no longer with us.

    I agree that memorial day is not a happy day. It's a day to think of the fallen. I didn't know about Pi r squared or Phoenix. I just knew they were not posting any more.Thanks for this post Hakzaw. I'm going to do my best to make the next SELEM. I found this pic somewhere online but can't...
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    Lumia pics

    These are static pics where I find a spot on the disk that I like and then take a photo of it. Had 2 printed to put in an art show and much to my surprise one sold. This is the latest. Thanks for looking Ed
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    Lumia pics

    Just something I've been working on. Thanks for looking Ed
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    Merry Christmas and all who celebrate ..

    Merry Christmas everyone and Happy holidays. Ed
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    Cancer came back

    My prostate cancer came back. No prostate but it still came back. 39 X-ray treatments and it looks like it worked. So I'll be spending some more time here . I want to thank every one that gave me good wishes and to say I'll be posting more.
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    The Little Diode That Could

    outstanding,, many more to come.
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    Post your random pics!

    Really nice pics, thanks for posting them. Ed
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    Laser Line Feasibility - ( Zero Background in Laser Technology)

    I've seen trucks with 4 white LED lights and 4 red LEDs, and with the horn you can't miss it. I would go with LEDs as stated above a laser would have to be way too powerful to be safe. A large array of white LEDs would be just as visible as a Laser. Say ten 1500 lumen lights focused 10 feet...
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    Happy Easter!!!

    Happy Easter to all and to your families. :angel:
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    Hello fellow laser enthusiasts!

    Welcome to the forums. Paul. You should be a good fit for the place. +rep Get ready to feed the laser dragon. :beer:
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    2W 470nm+ C6 20mm Overdrive Special

    Now I know what my next build will be. Thanks DTR Ed
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    Welcome. Be sure to stay safe. Lots of good folks here that can help with just about anything relating to lasers. Ed :beer:
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    Donating to LPF

    Donation Sent. Thanks everybody Ed
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    glad to see you're still here

    glad to see you're still here