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    559nm Build in Vintage Flashlight

    Oh, wow. What happened to jayrob? He was one of the artists here, for sure. Yeah, I've seen the 473-488 diodes. I have one in my cart from DTR at the moment. I remember when those were unobtanium. 473 is such a pretty color. I have one of the 473 bench lasers, but want to do a...
  2. andrewb

    559nm Build in Vintage Flashlight

    ZRaffleticket! Good to see you're still here, man. I've been away from the hobby for a while, but am cycling back into it again, seeing what's new, and am planning some new builds. (Every time I leave and come back to this hobby, it gets so much better.) You were the one who inspired me...
  3. andrewb

    488nm Sharp Solarforce Build

    Ooooh, 4/8/12k paper. Very cool. So when you polish in the lathe, you don't get bands or rings? I tried using a drill, but found I needed the randomness of a hand pattern, to avoid streaking. But I arguably wasn't being very careful. Do you do it wet, or dry? Good tip on the Krylon...
  4. andrewb

    488nm Sharp Solarforce Build

    I don't like to swear often in my posts, but good god that is fucking awesome. Amazing job. Really well done, on both the idea and execution. EDIT - Can you talk about your polishing technique? I mirror polished the heatsinks on some of my all-copper builds, and I found it hard to get that...
  5. andrewb

    Returning member here

    Ok, but how? The max person here after the several years I was here had just barely hit 1000 rep (and that took a lot of work). Also, I know from other forums I'm on that use the vBulletin software, that there are mechanisms that prevent small groups from repping each other and abusing the...
  6. andrewb

    Returning member here

    Thanks to all who chimed in. Most appreciated. So can someone explain about the rep system maxing out? When I was here before, it seemed to make sense. It wasn't easy to get tons of rep quickly (you had to earn it), and Cyparagon was the rep king. How/what changed
  7. andrewb

    Returning member here

    Ha. Regarding drama, I actually wasn't referring to anything specific, as I haven't read up on much here yet. (And I don't necessarily consider it a bad thing, as I know any active community will have some friction, as part of just being active.) But I was/am curious if there have been...
  8. andrewb

    Returning member here

    Hey Alaskan! I actually remember when you were new here, and you lived in Alaska, haha. :) Good to see you're still here, and a mod now, too. Very cool. I never really forgot about this place, as I still have all of my lasers, parts, and equipment, and still love all of my builds. I...
  9. andrewb

    Returning member here

    Hey all! Returning member here. Been gone for about 3 years(!), but haven't forgotten the hobby. Decided to poke my head back in, as I do miss this place, and was curious how things have evolved. Not sure if any of the vets remember me (see pics of some of my vintage solid-copper builds...
  10. andrewb

    NDG7475 Vs NUGM01T

    Who built those hosts?
  11. andrewb

    Can i take my TK75 on a JetBlue plane??

    Sorry to be late to the discussion, but I figured I'd chime in here. I fly JetBlue regularly, and have transported lasers between BOS and SFO on two occasions, both times in my carry on. I had a 400mW green from Lazerer, and the other was a 2.5W blue that I built in a solid copper vintage...
  12. andrewb

    LPF History 101

    Return of the Mac! Welcome back, Mac! We missed ya!
  13. andrewb

    Updated including G lens! - 2 x PHR 803T Kryton Grooves!

    Re: 2 x PHR 803T Kryton Grooves! Moh!!! Omg. Welcome back, man. How've you been?
  14. andrewb

    NDB7A75 w ball lens - $120 shipped on eBay

    445nm 450nm 3 5W 3500mW Blue Laser Diode LD to 5 ?9MM Nichia NDB7A75 w Ball | eBay I know some folks have started playing with extracting these from the new monolithic projector heatsinks, but it looks like Laserlands has them available loose (or already extracted). Seems like a decent price...
  15. andrewb

    SuperBoost Drive (5.5+ amp boost driver)

    Re: I need to gauge interest. Please comment. I'd be in for one or two. I support your work, man. We need more folks like you on the forum. (And more good driver choices out there.) -Andy