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    Nope :) That's just my standard greeting; a lot of people don't even think of reading them so I always point it out.
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    Any1 try the rayfoss 200mw fwt?

    That's a rather new model, I wouldn't expect many (if any) to be delivered yet. So I wouldn't be surprised if there's nobody here with it.
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    Welcome! (and don't forget to read the rules!)
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    That should tell you something. If people take things in ways other than what you intend so often, perhaps you should give more thought to what you say. I'm not being rude, and I'm certainly no bully - I'm just being honest. Regardless of your intent, the reactions you get are the direct result...
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    NOW 447nm CNI lasers & GB #11

    The number of 447's must be off, as if we need 10 and only have 4 - we aren't that close to placing an order. There must be more orders out there that haven't been accounted for.
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    Livilaser = crap! Be warned!

    There's certainly a language barrier; which just made matters that much worse.
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    Livilaser = crap! Be warned!

    I wonder if it's a cultural thing or something, but I will never do business with a company that treats customers like that. They aren't doing us a favor, we are doing them a favor by giving them money - if I give my money to a company I expect to be treated with respect and expect them to do as...
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    Fs: 445 .55w 150$

    Re: FS: All my laser stuff!!! Cheap! Could you get a power reading on the G2? Those things seem to be all over the map when it comes to output.
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    @monztur - As ped pointed out, you'll want to find a middleman to confirm the condition and power; we have quite a few members in Canada so it shouldn't be hard to find a known reputable member to do it. Once you have pictures and a middleman, it'll make this sale quite a bit easier...
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    Wicked refusing to refund

    They don't want people making tracking numbers publicly available as they are shipping in batches, if one tracking number from a batch gets out it could be enough for customs to seize the entire batch. I don't know what the laws are in Sweden, but there is real doubt about these being legal to...
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    473nm 5mW pointer???

    Noting that iFoSh lists a location of Arkansas, I was rather wondering what Sweden had to do with it, thanks for clearing that up :p
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    Powdered alcohol

    Oh I'm sure you're right; looks like the US government has already said that it's regulated and taxable - I just want to see somebody challenge that ;) I have no doubt that either the government would win or change the law, more than anything I'd like to see the tactics and arguments used.
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    Tiny Titanium Key Chain 445

    That's a nice little build, and a reasonable amount of power for something you could keep in your pocket. I've got a couple 445 diodes just sitting, I may just have to do something similar - I like the idea.
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    Powdered alcohol

    Here's a few more details: Alcohol powder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I would love to see a legitimate court case in the US over this; would be quite interesting to see how it plays out.
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    Battery size

    Well, as I recall, this is what the numbers mean: First Two Positions: Width in mm Second Two Positions: Height in mm Last Position: Shape (0 = cylinder) A 10440 is the same size as a AAA, though at a higher voltage (3.6v versus 1.5v); 14500 I believe are the same size as a AA, but also with...