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Yobresal has done it again!!!

Don't Laze Me Bro

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Jun 16, 2009
Well I made a rather large purchase from Luke for that opto RPL 350, it was to be sold for $700 with a charger, 2 batts and a PELICAL CASE! But I could only afford $670, so i talked to luke and offered $670 for ONLY the laser, he said yes!!! But at this point Glenn and i were waiting for paypal to load the $500 on his account, so he could pay me, I talked with Luke and let him know that Glenn would be sending him $500 of the money, (Return money from CNI) and i would be sending $170, Luke said OK, and i sent the $170, then after waiting a few days (2) Paypal was being EXTRA slow Luke PM'd me and said he was going to ship me the laser, WITHOUT THE PAYMENT FROM GLENN!!! I was stunned that he would send the product even though he was missing over half of the money still. A day or two later Glenn's account got the money, and he sent it, The whole transaction was smooth, and perfect! Then i got another surprise when the laser came and Luke sent the extras anyway :)
Overall Luke (Yobresal) and Glenn (Scopeguy20) are AWSOME members to deal with!


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Sep 20, 2008
Hey Dustin...
that's about like telling us your procedure on putting on your socks
and your pants in the morning....:friend:

BTW... I'm glad it worked out....;)