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Oct 3, 2021
I just wrapped up my first session in firing/tinkering with a 3.5w NDB7A75 diode with a DTR-G-8 lens. This is my 'first' high power diode laser. It's actually my first 'laser' diode, period! Anyways. I made a half-arsed dump out of a piece of metal tubing a metal endcap fitted to the back of the dump tube. I then put a thin, white cardboard baffle inside the tube and also taped the same cardboard material to the front of the tube. Not wanting any light to escape my crude design, I put my glasses on, fired up the diode, adjusted my PSU, focused the lens to a fine point, and when I saw smoke I just let the beam cut a minimal sized hole in the face of my redneck dump. Worked like a charm with no light escaping, nor reflecting after the hole(s) were initially burned through my front cover as well as the internal baffle. Next step was to start adjusting my PSU. I finally settled on 4.7v with a pre-set of 3.5 amps for my first run. When fired at those pre-sets, the PSU current showed .684 amps and this thing was instantly burning through light colored paper and also lighting matches just as fast... at a distance of 24"!!! As you'll see, in the video, my aim was off just a bit. I had to slightly reposition the laser in order to hit the match. It's hard to explain how thrilled I feel, however. I'm sure that all you seasoned ol' pro's once felt the exact same way when you successfully fired 'your' first laser! :)
Where am I going with this laser thing? "I don't know." What will I do along the way? "I'm not certain"... all I know is that "I'm on my way!"
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Sep 4, 2020
Just don't get trigger happy and aim it at people :p