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Wicked lasers unboxing and experience


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Feb 22, 2008
how will i know if it gets seized

It won't show up. :crackup:

Really though, you should get a notice from customs.


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May 14, 2011
There was no need for that. :tsk:
It looked like what you had put was in direct reply to this thread.
If we mistook you, we apologise but don't go insulting us.
You are being way too kind.
He didn't mention he bought one---nobody mistook anything.
It was a reply/comment in and about this thread.
Is not reasonable to expect all LPF members will determine by means of psychic divination/paranormal perception abilities that he bought a Wicked Lasers product that he has not received and can't figure out how to comprehend why or what is going on/ongoing.
Even then what sort of brain power is needed to determine you didn't receive what was ordered and ask the appropriate parties to account for and rectify that?

yall are a bunch of retards, i ordered one and im asking how will i know if it gets seized so i can ask for a repacement
How do you determine that you do not have every other thing that you don't have?
You have to be a troll just trolling. You apparently are the retard. Nobody is that stupid except on purpose, normally, generally speaking :crackup:

To give you the benefit of the doubt in the event you are not just trolling and simply are profoundly unaware of how the world around you operates/works-----the answrs is: You can never directly know if it has been seized .

All you can know is that you never received your order and/or whatever the shipping company reports if the shipping company and tracking number are known to you and you contact them and ask.
If you know the shipping companies name and there is a tracking number associated with the the order shipped to you, you can call or contact online the shipping company with the tracking number and ask them what is going on with the shipment to you.

If you have not been provided with the shipping companies name and a tracking number by Wicked Lasers then all you can know is that you did not receive your order.
If you have not received your order within a reasonable amount of time contact Wicked Lasers support with your order number and tell them you never received anything form them and want a refund or a a duplicate of the order shipped.

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